Urgent message

From Akira Honda (Taicho) owner of Nyander Guard:

I have an important update on the shelter situation. It is long but very important so please read it to the end.

Two years ago, I heard about the terrible difficulty Animal Friends Niigata, an animal shelter, was having. I went to see the shelter and met with the director and the staff. I was confident I could save the shelter and turn it around. The staff was too busy to think or even notice how smelly or dirty the place was because they had their hands full performing their daily duties. They knew they had to do something to change the situation, but every day was a struggle. They were too exhausted to properly discuss the situation with the former director.

All of the staff had warm loving hearts towards animals. I wanted their pure desire to protect these animals to light up in their eyes again. I wanted to make a happy comfortable home for the animals. That small wish, however, has become more and more difficult to achieve. The financial situation since I took over the new shelter took a nosedive around last summer. Costs related to the transfer of ownership and the time necessary for the transfer did not go as planned. At the same time financial support and donations decreased drastically, and my personal funds that I used to supplement it had finally run out.

The situation became far more difficult than I had ever thought possible. I started to have big financial problems operating the two shelters and had to face reality. I wanted to avoid the worst case scenario of both shelters being shut down. It was time for me to stop this useless struggle, but if there was even a thin ray of hope, I wanted to find a way.

The conditions at the newly acquired shelter improved last year thanks to the cooperation of the staff and volunteers. The animals can live comfortably now, and the refurbishing did not incur big costs. The better working environment increased the morale of the staff, which in turn led to better care for the animals. All the animals were neutered and spayed, which was not the case before I took over.

I have a tendency to rush ahead without thinking things through. Being over-confident, another trait of mine, works well in situations like after the big disaster in Fukushima, but it also got me involved in an awfully challenging case like this.

The number of volunteers and donations of goods to the new shelter have started to increase, but monetary donations have dwindled significantly. I had to supplement the funds with the donations I received for my main shelter, Nyander Guard, and my own money.

I caused trouble not only to myself, but to the operation of Nyander Guard. I am sorry that I created difficulties for the staff working there. But regrets don’t help pay the bills or save the lives of animals.

I will not give up on the animals and the staff is doing their best, but I can’t depend on their good will any longer. They need to support themselves. I am truly sorry I can not do more for them.

Currently there is only 90,000 yen ($813) left in the Nyander Guard bank account. I reported a few months ago that I could no longer pay the staff. That situation remains unchanged. We may not be able to pay for utilities next month. During this hot and humid season, no air conditioning will be detrimental to the animals.

The photo exhibitions in the US which I did to increase support was criticized by many people. Despite that opposition I worked hard for one year. Unfortunately my efforts did not gain the expected results.

Since last September four photo exhibitions were held and I went to the US three times. It was meaningful that we could show the real situation in Fukushima, and it was also a good learning experience for me. Animal welfare is more advanced in the US, and I learned what is lacking in Japan and what needs to be done in the future. Only one year has passed, so it may be too early to say that nothing was gained.

Financially, these exhibitions did not take a loss, but they did not make big enough profits to help the operation of the shelters. I do believe though that they contributed in increasing the number of supporters abroad. But now I need to work on finding new measures to create support that can help alleviate the current financial difficulty. I can not find time to organize another photo exhibition in the US.

Whatever mistakes I made in the past, I can assure you that I will not do anything to harm the animals. This is one promise I will make. The welfare and happiness of the animals is the only thing on my mind.

We need funds to pay facility bills, medical bills for the animals and salaries for the staff.

The staff still has hope and will not give up. I am committed to doing my utmost, but we need your help to continue the operation of the shelters.

Please save the animals and donate now.

Thank you very much.

Summary: 2017-08-31 Entry

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Title: Catching Catching Catching

  • We’ve been going between Katsurao Village and Miharu Town doing captures, back and forth and back and forth… so sorry for these short blog entries!
  • And yesterday, finally, finally, finally! We caught the brown and white tabby in Katsurao Village!
  • We did this rescue by the skin of our noses, because today was our last chance.


Summary: 2017-08-30 Entry

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Title: Goma-chan, to the Skies

  • I’m sure this will shock some of you, but I am sad to say that Goma-chan became a star.
  • It’s not an exaggeration to say that he was Nyander Guard’s idol.
  • Yesterday, he took his final breath.
  • We rescued Goma-chan in Tomioka Town in 2013.
  • He was born after the disaster, and he came to the shelter as a youngster.
  • When he was little, he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, and he is prone to urinary tract stones.
  • We made sure to keep a close eye on him.
  • Lately he was staying in our volunteer Isshan’s room.
    Because it was such a sudden death, we’re fairly sure he had a heart attack.
  • The other day I held Goma-chan for the first time in a while, and he was still as big and cute as ever.
  • I started to think that since he’s becoming middle aged, we should probably be a little more concerned about his weight and the burden it places on his heart.
  • So many people loved Goma-chan.
  • Because it’s this season, Goma-chan couldn’t wait for the volunteers who love him to arrive for his cremation.
  • When he passed away, he was around 8kg/17.5lbs.
  • Our Goma-chan, who once went to a cat cafe in Tokyo and came back to us, just healed our hearts with his presence. And we loved him so, so, so much.
  • Spend your time well with friends up there in the sky.
  • Thank you to all of you that loved our little sumo.







Summary: 2017-08-29 Entry

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Title: Kittens Moved to Nekomiya

  • The kittens born in spring were supposed to go to Nekomiya in the middle of last month, but the shop manager is actually coming today.
  • This year was like coccidia festival, because the kittens all had them.
  • We had to administer antiparasitics before sending them off to the cat cafe.
  • I’m sorry we had to make the cat cafe and its customers wait so long!
  • These little ones are all so cute, so you should go see them at Nekomiya because they’ll definitely graduate quickly!
  • Thanks again to Nekomiya for your continued support!



Summary: 2017-08-28 Entry

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ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Rika-san Got a Summer Hairdo

  • Rika finally had a bath and got a summer trim!
  • It’s a bit hard to tell from pictures because he just won’t sit still! He also wiggled all around during his haircut!
  • Shuwa and Koro got a bath as well.
  • Rika looked real lightweight after his trim, but once I had him on a leash he showed me he’s just as strong as ever.
  • Thank you to our former staff member, H-chan, for your help!






Summary: 2017-08-27 Entry

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Title: Nearly Autumn Harvest

  • This year’s summer has been constantly rainy.
  • At night, a cool breeze blows, and it makes me wonder if autumn is coming.
  • The rice growing along my regular walking path is just about ready to be harvested.
  • In the northeast, rice is planted relatively late, but they’re ready by the end of August.
  • It happened last summer too, but Shuwa-kun gets really exhausted in the heat.
  • We have to be careful. He can get really tired on walks, and his skin condition is not that great.
  • He’s a mix breed so we can’t really guess his lifespan, but I want him to live a long life.
  • Sometimes, on days where he seems particularly well, I take him for a long walk to really cherish my time with him.
  • Most of the doggies at Nyander Guard are elderly or approaching that age.
  • Elderly dogs don’t really find foster families.
  • Up until now, it has been rare for us to care for an ailing dog in its final years. Most have found families.
  • But if things continue this way, it’ll probably be us seeing them off.
  • We really want to find foster families for them, because they’re our family, too.
  • Ah, but, Shuwa’s still fine now, though! And he’s looking for a home.



Summary: 2018-08-26 Entry

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Title: Mikuri is Cute and Pudgy

  • Mikuri is a calico with an uncommon, mostly white fur pattern.
  • The grey in her fur is what stands out the most in photos, but she also has cream colored and reddish spots.
  • We rescued Mikuri a year ago. At that time, we didn’t think she was a calico! We thought maybe she was a Siamese.
  • She was rescued in the same area as Hiramasa, who passed away the other day.
  • Their eyes are very similarly colored, so maybe they’re related somehow?
  • When she was rescued her fur was so dirty, but now she’s so beautiful!
  • We think she was born after the disaster.
  • Her personality is a little odd sometimes, so we’re not sure how she’d do with other cats.
  • We want her to be adopted, for her sake and for the sake of the late Hiramasa.
  • Mikuri-chan is also in the same room as Mike-chan, and we know those two will butt heads!




Summary: 2018-08-25 Entry

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ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Mike-san and Tacchan

  • I wrote before about how Mike-chan was really making us wrack our brains.
  • After Bonī-san and Naraha went to their foster homes, we tried letting Mike-san roam free, but her incomprehensibly personality really bewildered our volunteers.
  • She’ll beg for pets, rolling around and rubbing all over you, and as soon as you go to pet her she’ll unleash a flurry of cat punches!
  • And she’ll just hiss for no reason!
  • But we’ve come to see that it’s a bluff, and that she really wants to get close with other cats.
  • Tatsuya is a kitty that gives kisses! I’m always getting kisses from him.
  • He’s a bit of a chubby black and white cat, and so so cute.
  • Our volunteers even got a photo of Mike giving Tatsuya a little kiss on the head!





Summary: 2017-08-24 Entry

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ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Everyone Loves Pucchi

  • Pucchi is a cute little girl that was left at the shelter.
  • Pucchi has black marks around her nostrils that give her a really funny look!
  • She’s so cute, but for some reason she’s gone without finding a home for four years…
  • She has chronic colds and her eyes are a bit cloudy, but this past year her symptoms haven’t been too terrible.
  • I forgot to report this, but a volunteer’s daughter fell in love with Pucchi. Right now they’re preparing to take her in as family.
  • It’s a little sad to think that our time with Pucchi will someday end, but it’s such a wonderful thing that she found a lovely home.
  • Graduations for the 4 year olds have been continuing at a slow but steady pace.
  • Lately, Toppu and Fanī graduated as well.
  • If you’re looking for a young but not too rambunctious aged cat, we’ve got plenty that are waiting for homes!



Summary: 2017-08-23 Entry

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ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Kuma-san and Hiramasa-san, to the skies

  • Kuma-san, whose FIP outbreak I wrote about the other day, became a star yesterday morning.
  • I was hoping for a miracle to occur, but FIP is a truly terrible disease.
  • Kuma-san was rescued last October in Ītate Village. He was not at all friendly toward humans.
  • When he was in quarantine, he’d always be hiding by the litter box or finding ways to escape his cage.
  • But when his quarantine period ended, he became a clingy, lovey-dovey sweetheart.
  • Kuma-san was wandering in a village with no people for so long, but in the end became close to humans.
  • We are so happy to have met you. We’ll never forget you, Kuma-san.
  • Hiramasa-san, a terribly thin cat rescued this spring when the Yonomori cherry trees were in bloom, has unfortunately also become a star.
  • At the end of last year, we rescued Mikuri-chan in the same place. She was steadily on the road to becoming nice and plump.
  • But for some reason, Hiramasa-san just never got any bigger than skin and bones
    After running some tests, we found that he had a bad liver.
  • Usually liver disease is treated with a special food, but he just wouldn’t eat it. But he needed to eat to live.
  • We did some trial and error with some yummy foods to try and get him to eat.
  • He would eat around five roasted skipjack tuna a day, and would barely leave anything.
  • Skipjack tuna has methionine, which helps with liver function and the expulsion of waste products and toxins, and is a good source of protein… but we really wanted to fatten him up, and that’s all he’d eat!
  • He wouldn’t eat anything but skipjack tuna lately, but he was so excited for it that he’d meow around dinnertime.
  • And even though the night before he died he happily ate all his food despite the fact that he was starting to catch a cold, he suddenly became very ill at night.
  • I hate that I don’t know what we could have done.
  • After fighting your way over to us, I was so happy when you entered the rescue cage that I had set.
  • I promised that things would be okay from now, and that we’d make you happy.
  • For the 4 months you were at the shelter with us, I’m happy that you could eat yummy food.
  • You weren’t quite used to humans yet, but I’m glad you came to trust that magical hand that brought you food.
  • There are plenty of friends waiting for you in the great beyond, where you can run and play without worrying about your physical body.
  • These two will be going to the skies today at 6PM. Please, pray for them.
  • There are still little ones left in the evacuation zone.
  • I’m sure there are plenty of little ones that Kuma-san and Hiramasa-san who are just barely surviving, running out of time.
  • Soon, 6 and a half years will have passed since the disaster. I ask you to not forget about the lives left behind.




Summary: 2017-06-22 Entry

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ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Mikan-chan is cute, but…

  • Mikan-chan is so cute, but she’s such an unyielding girl.
  • She sure loves to get in fights. So she’s not suited for homes with multiple cats.
  • She will definitely bring joy to a one cat home, though!
  • She’s so cute! But… there’s one more thing. She has a lot of eating habits.
  • She pulls off the wallpaper!
  • And lately the handle tab on the cat litter bag has gone missing…
  • And cardboard…
  • So we have to let potential foster parents know that the room where Mikan-chan lives cannot have objects that can be ripped and chewed off.
  • Because of these eating habits, she often throws up. This has made her liver bad.
  • When she’s in her cage she doesn’t accidentally ingest anything, but it’s just too sad to keep her in there for a long time. So it’s best to remove objects that she might eat.
  • Mikan-chan is looking for a home with a family that can understand her needs!