Translation: 2017-01-12 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Evacuation Zone Feeding and Care Activities

This is a report about our activities at the evacuation zone.

Every year, at the beginning and end of the year, returning to the disaster zone is restricted, but as long as you are with citizens, you are allowed to enter.

Considering the fact that we may not be able to enter each time, we leave plenty of food. However, circumstances change daily, and we’re unsure of what may happen.

We don’t know when a large animal could eat up all the food we’ve left out, so not being able to enter the disaster zone for a long time is really worrying.


We went with the citizens to town hall and applied our request to enter. We were approved this year as well(*^_^*)

Tomioka city sticker


In addition, there are light blue and green stickers, and ones with different designs and messages. Where shall we place this sticker this year(*^_^*)


We planned on registering our entry permit… but something always came up(^_^;)

Unexpectedly, due to a number mistake we were turned away(>_<)


S-san, I truly apologize. I’m so sorry!

This period of entry is somehow without a time limit. We can be there from the moment the gates open until they close. So we will be able to place rescue cages for a long while.

We went in eagerly, but… unexpectedly, because of stormy weather conditions, the feeding area’s entrance window is seriously damaged. The windows inside are also seriously damaged.



The sliding doors in the feeding rooms also fell out and everything is all messed up(゜o゜) Until now, this is the worst it’s been(>_<) We moved the rescue cages near the shed and started cleaning but it just won’t end!

For the time being, we’re making one round of feeding, setting rescue cages, returning and doing some major cleaning.

Originally, we planned on doing some major cleaning last year at the end of the year, but because of Mukuri-chan we couldn’t properly clean up.

Today we were able to enter for a long time, so we moved a little too leisurely(>_<)


But we had affixed some plywood in the entranceway, and that should last about 3 years. It’s supposed to be pretty sturdy, but the door is spectacularly broken again.

There’s a broken window in a high up place, and while it’s unlikely that wild boars did it, it’s also unlikely a raccoon did it due to its size.

It’s such a terrible condition, but since we didn’t have any plywood on hand, all we could do this time was go home.

Next time we have to do repairs…

When the cleaning was all finished we took a breather.


We were curious about it before, but this time we really took a good look at the paper on the sliding door and saw things like this:


You can really get a sense of the history…

I can’t read the letters but I’m so curious about what’s written.

There were also newspapers inside talking about a pyromaniac at Shirakawa River(^_^;)


I don’t even know what time this is from.


When things like these are laid before my eyes I can’t help but think about how sorry I feel that this home built by our ancestors has been laid to such waste.

Even though I’m not the one that laid waste to it.

Nor am I the one that caused this to happen.

But still, I can’t help but feel guilty m(__)m


But at this feeding ground we’ve increased the amount of feed, and to the cats here, they have come to know that this is a place where the food will never run out.

So from now, as we renew and renovate, we have to make it a feeding ground where the cats can safely eat.


Right up until the very last moment, we went and gathered up the rescue cages, but this time we weren’t able to save any animals.

Next time we’ll continue to not be discouraged and do our very best!


By the way…

To be honest, in the disaster zone of Tomioka’s Shinyonomori I kept hearing a dog’s voice. It seems like a lie but it’s true.

I listened over and over again, thinking it might be a bird with a similar call. But all I could hear was a dog’s voice.

Listening again and again, I searched in the direction of the sound but… there’s really no chance of finding it(^_^;)

The situation I can imagine is that the dogs are barking from afar because some humans are entering the feeding ground.
I didn’t see any dogs…

Since these gates don’t keep dogs from coming in and out, of course there are dogs wandering around in the disaster zone. It’s natural that these wandering dogs might have come in.

Furthermore, the feeding ground is open enough for dogs to enter and eat as much as they please.

A dog may have actually caused the hole in the entranceway.

We set up a camera thinking that they might appear in footage.

Food has also been set at spots that are easy to reach.

If they settle here it will be easier to care for them.


But this cow stuffed toy is further away from the spot it normally rests in… I’m curious…


Dogs really might be here.


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