Translation: 2017-01-13 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Room 1-A’s Newest Resident: Chai-chan

Chai-chan was raised in Miharu.


She is an adorable ginger tabby girl with a cute little pointy snout.

She was a stray that came to live around K-san’s house in Miharu’s Yashimadai area. One day she showed up with five kittens and K-san came to us for a consultation.

K-san has been feeding neighborhood strays in order to rescue and spay/neuter them. Some cats are difficult for her to rescue, but she continues to try as she feeds them.

She couldn’t rescue this one cat… and the days went by…

In the end, she gave birth…

She regrets that she didn’t come to us for consultation sooner. But there’s no point in saying such things now.

We decided to take in the mother cat as well. There were so many kittens, and we really didn’t want to use rescue cages if possible, so we lent out a large cage and instructed her to put a big bowl of food inside and see if all of the cats would enter.

Luckily she could rescue the mother and all five kittens(*^_^*)


We separated the kittens and mother into different areas.

Since we heard that Chai-chan might have a slightly peculiar disposition, after quarantine we kept an eye on her for a bit in room 1-A. But she seemed fairly friendly toward humans so we let her roam about the next day.

She’s still not totally accepted by everyone just yet. Some are cautious of her, some get mad at her.


But the animals in this room are not the types to cause a big fight so it always seems to end okay with a simple, “Sorry!” from Chai.

Robert-kun especially isn’t fond of Chai-chan(^_^;)


She’s a bit of an elusive one… or should we say…

Perhaps a little strange… she paces around the catwalk and can’t quite calm her nerves(^_^;)



It seems she’s the type that isn’t liked well by cats(^_^;)(^_^;)

Chai-chan, with her cute facial features, looks like she could be Dai-chan’s little sister.

I hope she can get along well with everyone(*^_^*)


Also in this room is Iga-kun from Miyakoji.


Iga-kun loooves people!

He always wants to be right next to them!


But our distinguished lady Koa-chan always comes to people and says:


“Let me sit❤ Let me sit❤”

So of course I let her sit on my lap❤


In this room are some oddball but adorable cats and it just makes the whole atmosphere blissful.

It’s really unfortunate that we haven’t found foster parents, but even if it takes a while, it’d be so great if they found the perfect match.


By the way, K-san, the one who took in Chai-chan, has come by every Sunday to volunteer. K-san is a plucky, smiley, gentle person, and it’s a relief to have her around. We’re so grateful for her presence.

Our relationship didn’t just end with the initial consultation, but continued with her support and eventual volunteering. We think there are many ways in which we can continue to collaborate.

I really truly hope this spiral of happy events continues on(*^_^*)


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