Translation: 2017-01-14 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Koro-kun is Happy and Healthy(^_^;)

Last year we rescued Koro-kun.

When Nyander Guard was still in Ōgoe, we had help from so many people, but I’m sure our old volunteers will know Ōgoe’s Ai-chan(*^_^*)

Ai-chan looked after Koro for many years. His owner was suffering from an unstable mental condition, and Ai-chan was worried if they were properly caring for Koro. So Ai-chan secretly went there to feed him.

Even if someone has a mental illness, as long as they are caring for their pets and have someone assisting them, there should be no problem. But not caring for your pet at all is absolutely unbelievable!!! And those people tend to say they are taking care of their pets.

It’s infuriating. Truly infuriating.

That’s why it’s such a terrible thing to give pets to people without prior investigation. But people can get new pets even after tossing out unwanted ones.

It’s still so simple to purchase pets in Japan. Slowly, people who choose to adopt shelter dogs is increasing but pet shops don’t do any investigating before handing over animals and so many pets are given to bad owners.

It’s so frustrating to know that there are animals out there struggling in foul living conditions, unable to raise their voices.

We truly believe that Japan has to change.

We shall continue to be vigilant about transferring animals only after thorough investigation, which we believe leads to enlightenment and public awareness.

This year we will concentrate our strength on enlightenment and public awareness.

In order to steer this never-ending action toward ending we must provide children with the proper education.


Speaking of Koro, he is some kind of Labrador mix.

When he first came into our care, he was skin and bones and had moss growing in his fur.

His eye has had a tumor for so many years that we were told it might be malignant.


At first, at the examination we were told that he had melanoma and there was a high chance of it being malignant.

At the time we were devastated, but the pathological results showed that it was benign. We decided to remove it surgically.

He also had some eyelid styes and it seemed like it would be difficult to remove all the tumors cleanly but now he’s got a perfectly beautiful face(*^_^*)


He’s been under our care for about half a year.

And as a result of him eating nutritional food every day we finally learned his fur color!





Here it is(lol)

Looks like he’s a cream and white pattern(^_^;) We finally got to see his cute scarf-and-socks type pattern! When he first came to the shelter his fur was so stiff but now he’s become so soft and fluffy.

Post-operation, the area around his eyes are clean and without a trace of scarring. Everything healed up perfectly and he has had no sty relapses. Such a handsome boy!

We’re certain Koro-kun is over 10 years old so it might be difficult to find a prospective foster parent. But when you take Koro for a walk he gives you such a light and cheery feeling.

He’s such a good, good boy.

Up until now Koro was in an environment where he wasn’t ever taken for walks or given fresh water. Ever since he came to the shelter he knows he’ll get anything he ever wants.

Sure sure(*^_^*)


Ask us for anything you want.

Your cute little doggy and kitty servants shall aid you today as well(●^o^●)



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