Translation: 2017-01-15 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Walking With Shuwa

These past few days a strong cold front has advanced upon us. We continue to have snowy days.

We wanted to see Takizakura on a snowy day, and even though we don’t really care for snowy days, we were eager and excited to see Takizakura amidst the snow.

[Translator’s note: the above link was added by me and is not part of the original blog entry. It is the English Wikipedia page about Takizakura, for those who want to know more.]

On the opposite side of Takizakura, where there is a park along the dam, we stopped our car and walked. It was the perfect distance for a stroll, so we brought Shuwa with us.


By the way, on a previous engagement we walked Rika-kun here.


Rika loves cold weather and was so full of energy that he was dragging me along!

I should have brought a sled to have him to really drag me (lol)


Seeing Takizakura hidden beneath the pure white snow was really wonderful after all♪



To protect the tree from the weight of the snow, the whole town is in charge of management, and there weren’t even any branches broken in the blizzard 3 years ago. It looks like they’ll continue to protect and treasure it with great care(*^_^*)



I wanted to get a photo of Shuwa and Takizakura, but every time the camera shutter made noise he moved almost like it was on purpose! I couldn’t take a single good shot!

Shuwa has such a big appetite and love for snacks. I was finally able to get a photo by dangling food in front of him.



“They’re such old doggies but they have so much energy!” was all I could think as my feet got stuck in the snow and my body became so exhausted on our second lap.

In the end I was practically told, “C’mon, hurry up!”


These energetic doggies


really seemed so happy to be walking about.

Shuwa loves cars so I want to bring him again. Hmm, I wonder where we can go for another outing(*^_^*)


Oh yeah! Takizakura has a live camera set up where you can see it any time.

Today when we took Rika for a walk there was a terrible blizzard.

Please take a peek at the Takizakura live camera! I really want to see it when tons of snow is falling, too.

Ah yes, a couple came in yesterday(●^o^●)

Oh oh! And today is the Miharumachi Daruma City event(●^o^●)

I wanna go, but I can’t…

Furthermore, it’s snowing so hard.


Takizakura information✿
A giant Weeping Cherry Tree presumed to be over 1000 years old.
It’s one of Japan’s three great cherry trees and it is a protected national treasure. It is called either Miharu Takizakura or simply Takizakura.


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