Translation: 2017-01-16 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Today is just not my day(>_<) So here’s a trivial story

So, um. 3 times now, blog entries have vanished! Ugh, I am seriously about to bash this keyboard against the wall. Whyyyyy!!!! I wrote so much but it disappeared… Sorry. I’m ranting.

But it’s definitely my fault for not taking care to save regularly. Mmhmm. Yep.

Argh, I just can’t write anymore. I mean, it happened 3 times. And I wrote basically the same thing every time…

Seriously. Boo-hoo-hoo…


So… sorry for this kind of entry! Please be patient with me!

I’ve always disliked SNS, and I dislike being a slave to it. Working, home visits, hospitalization. TNR and location inspections, consultations, rescuing, and feeding efforts. I’m always in pursuit of these things.

Up until now I had always ran away from writing blog posts. When I’m in the shelter I’m always engaged in some kind of hands-on work, and even if I sit down at the computer I do other work.

Inserting photos, writing paragraphs… I write in this blog, but people who aren’t good at it really aren’t good at it. But at the end of last year I renewed my spirit and decided to update this blog every single day. And after all, I think this blog is an important tool to convey the daily goings-on of Nyander Guard to those of you that support us.

I know that’s obvious(^_^;) But I feel like I was acting a bit spoiled toward those of you that have always been supporting us. I need to submit this information to you. But I took advantage of your kindness when you said you understood that I was too busy.

Truthfully, I think there are so many people that support and believe in Nyander Guard. For this reason, I resolve to overcome my iffiness and strive for a goal to update daily.

Without fail, I have updated(*^_^*)


But you know what? The proprietor said something to me. I was told to write with a little more self-awareness, because this is an organization’s staff blog. But I think it’d be boring to write a blog that’s only activity reports. I want to succinctly communicate our activity reports in an understandable way but that can also be done outside of the blog.

So what do you all want from this blog, everyone?

Secretly, there have been some people who have said I (shelter leader Take) have a better blog than the proprietor, and I’m happy to hear that, but I tend to have a lot of outings, so even though I can give reports on our activities it’s difficult for me to report on all of the animals in the shelter.

It’s a bit of a conflict but I’m aiming for this blog to be a way for you all to kill a little time and feel a little soothed. From now on I’ll keep on trying to write my best(*^_^*)

Material to write about is never-ending, but the writer is a seriously shabby(^_^;)
My apologies(゜o゜)


I’ll definitely continue to write, but please forgive these occasional corner-cutting entries m(__)m

Also, our Facebook page is set up so we can make small posts several times a day. You can view the Nyander Guard page even if you don’t use Facebook. Please bookmark it!

And I would be grateful if you could please click Gooddo every day.


This blog is written by the shelter leader, Take. And I would feel very blessed if you did not get sick of this boring entry m(__)m


*Shelter leader Take’s history
From May 2011: Volunteered at Nyander Guard’s No. 1 shelter. Participated in dog and cat care, feeding, and rescue.
Until December 2013: Commuted from Shizuoka 2-3 times a month into disaster zones for animal feeding and rescue.
From January 2014: Became live-in staff at Nyander Guard. Continued disaster zone animal feeding and rescue and caring for the shelter dogs and cats.
Consulted about dogs and cats in the region and TNR, and became an administrator and the proprietor’s right-hand man as shelter leader.

This was written for those of you that didn’t know.


Ah, today had such great weather!



I’ll work hard tomorrow as well! (lol)


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