Translation: 2017-01-18 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Reunited Pets: Toto-san

Do you know this little one?



This is Toto-san, who used to be in Nyander Guard.


Nowadays, they have been living a comfortable life after being returned to their owner.

We rescued Toto-san in December 2013 which was actually just a bit before I personally joined the shelter. Due to the nuclear disaster they were separated and after 2 years and 9 months of wandering, Toto-san was finally rescued.


Toto-san is very gentle and loves humans and has become quite dignified lately. But now they’ve grown a bit old and their kidneys are becoming bad. We’re just hoping they live a long life.

After the disaster, their owners were forced to evacuate and because the father was sick he could not drive and for half a year after the evacuation. They didn’t even have a way for returning home.

After that, the mother got connected with animal welfare organizations and was able to embark on a rescue mission to get her cats. It was a search that started after more than half a year. After finally reaching her home after great struggle, she was incredibly sad to see there weren’t any cats living around there anymore. But the people in the animal welfare organization put a considerable amount of food nearby and there were many pet cats continuing to survive. But there were many ones not found.

There are also so many pets that died without anyone knowing, and without that evidence feelings and memories continue to linger.

Toto’s owner came with us to rescue them, but because the owner had a serious surgery last year they still haven’t been able to return home yet.

Year by year their stamina declines, but Toto and the father are looking forward to returning home while living in their temporary housing. Their home is in an area that is designated as difficult to return to, and the prospect of the lifting of sanctions is not bright.

There are still animals out there surviving the way Toto did.

The boundary between pets that could be reunited and pets that could not be reunited is possibly made by us humans whose efforts were not enough.

6 years is a long time to pets.

We want to wrap them up in love and warmth from humans.


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