Translation: 2017-01-19 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Some Happy News❤Seita-kun

The little ones born last spring are slowly graduating.

7 sibling kittens were finally adopted. All the other kids had found homes but this black and white mask-and-mantle Seita-kun was left behind.

Perhaps it’s the proverb, “there is unexpected good in what others leave behind”? Of all the siblings he was by far the very cutest one so why was this cutie left behind?

But it seems this people-loving Seita’s foster parent became a prisoner of love(*^_^*)

They lost their previous pet, and it seems they felt a little reluctance about receiving a new one but their little one in heaven will definitely watch over them.






From their foster parent♪
“Hachi-kun, previously known as Seita, is brimming with health and steadily growing up(*^_^*)
He came to our home only a month ago, but it feels like it has been years (lol)
He’s a free-spirited, cuddly, bratty, busy boy.
He loves people, and will properly let us do things like cut his nails and wipe his bottom.
That’s definitely thanks to Nyander Guard raising such people-loving pets.
We will continue to raise him with great care.”


Here at the shelter we don’t have a television so that reaction is so funny! I wonder if he likes salmon(*^_^*) Is he a bit of an airhead?? How cute. Seita, we wish you happiness and luck(●^o^●)


Bonus content(*^_^*)

The other day, Isshan, a live-in volunteer, celebrated their 78th birthday. We held a birthday party this year as well☆

This spring will be Isshan’s third year with us. When we found ourselves in tough spots, as long as Isshan was here, we could get through it. And as long as Isshan is here, I’m never lonely(;_;)

I know this can’t last for an eternity. I know they’re surpassing their limits of stamina and age. I don’t even want to think about if– if– they were ever gone. If that day comes I have to do my best to not fall to pieces. I must be mentally prepared.

Isshan, happy birthday(*^_^*)


On that day, for the first time in a while, Isshan and I went to a hot spring.

I said, you choose ヽ(^。^)ノand we decided on Nihonmatsu city’s Dake Hot Springs on the top of a mountain.


I suffer from chronic dermatitis, so I requested a spring that was good for skin. It’s an acidic spring, so it’s not suitable for people with serious skin conditions, but it seemed just perfect for me.

That hot, cloudy water was so great(*^_^*) And since it was in a cold place the heat was bearable. From the open air bath there was a great sweeping view from Ōtama to Nihonmatsu.


Here’s the scenery from outside.

Ah, it’s right in front of a ski slope. There might not be many people going here just for the hot spring(^_^;) This hot spring is worth it♪ I recommend it!

I came here once before with Isshan, but it was the season when new leaves were sprouting and we couldn’t see anything from the fog. But the true charm was breathing in the minus ion filled air while bathing. It was awesome(*^_^*)

I’ve always been interested in Dake Hot Spring because it is the same as my one-character name! It’s read as “Dake” instead of “Take” (like my name), but still, it makes me happy(●^o^●)


Fukushima’s Dake Hot Spring is listed nationally as the third best spring for beautiful skin.


So why don’t you put it in your plan for taking a trip to Fukushima?

I wanna become an ambassador for travel to Fukushima(=^・^=) I’d have a lot of great suggestions(*^_^*)

Isshan’s fatigue seemed to melt away as well. We were refreshed for the first time in a long while.

Tomorrow I’ll continue to do my best♪



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