Translation: 2017-01-20 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Room 1-F: Named Mike Because She’s a Calico?

The other day we gave a little introduction to this Calico.

Her name is Mike(^_^;)

[Translator’s note: Mike means three (colored) fur, or calico.]

Mike was named by her previous owner. They’ve already passed away, so as much we’d like to know about Mike’s past, we can never know.

The owner’s older brother came to us for a consultation and we ended up accepting her. They’re emotionally attached, but it seems she often bites him. We don’t know what is angering her…

He’ll be patting her, and she’ll be rubbing her head on him, and then she’ll suddenly hiss.

I thought we’d take her out and observe her, so I opened up the cage.


We decided to wait and see but she would absolutely not come out on her own.

Finally, she settled on laying on the bed.


“You still don’t want to come out?” I thought yesterday, giving up.

I’m not sure if she’ll get along with the others. She’ll look at them and hiss (though she’s met them several times(^_^;)) The other kiddies in this room have a bit of a cautious air. Something will definitely happen if we take her out.

But it’d be so great if they could get along…


Anyway, I’m a little worried for Mike…

In this room are kind-hearted survivors of the disaster area, but they’re all courageous warriors. But Mike seems even stronger (lol)


“Bonny” (Bonitan) ✿From Futaba
“Tacchan” (Tatsuya) ✿From Naraha
Kurenai-chan ✿From Nahara
Naraha-kun ✿From Naraha
Wakame-chan ✿From Futaba
Conan ✿From Ōkuma

Conan, like always, wants out(^_^;)


Over the year he’s been here, he got a bit thin, so we diligently fed him yummy food. We had him get an examination and found that his kidney function has declined a bit.

He suddenly lost his appetite so we had another examination. He’s a bit old, and since he doesn’t want to drink as often as we’d like, he has a bit of a propensity toward dehydration. I wonder if his kidney problems got worse.

For his medical treatment we might have to put him in his cage and accurately control his meals. We really wish he could live freely, but there aren’t any free rooms. In situations where meals have to be controlled, cage time becomes lengthy no matter what.

The other ones really like Conan and because they get along so well, we really want to keep them together for as long as possible.


Conan was rescued from Ōkuma’s Okawara area.

He’s a sweetheart and a very good boy.

Any foster parents out there?


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