Translation: 2017-01-21 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Eni-chan is Hanging in There

On that day last summer you appeared at the shelter, asking for an S.O.S.

Thank goodness Shuwa informed us of everything and we all became aware.

When she was found, she was covered in filth and we had no idea what it all even was. But aside from all that, she was so incredibly hungry. Despite all the pain in her sore mouth, she ate and ate.

But her condition when she was rescued was seriously terrible. How in the world did she even get to us in that condition? I can only think that someone threw her out…

But I’ve rethought the situation and I’m glad she was thrown out here, where we were.
*However, we do not forgive or allow abandoning pets!

We thought we’d do as much as we could possibly do for her.


After going to the hospital she was cleaned up this much. After being sedated, the nurse cleaned up all the filth which turned out to be clumps of saliva.

We learned she had leukemia, and in order to calm her down we built a large quarantine cage where she could undergo treatment at ease under the staff’s watchful eye. After her rescue, her condition fluctuated between good and bad for a while.

We wondered how long she could keep fighting on.

There were some complicated days where we thought, it’s okay, you don’t have to fight anymore.

Ever since last summer, her physical condition was going swimmingly. It was almost like she was too energetic. Although her her mouth ulcers are chronic, her organs and the like were restoring back to a normal condition. But she sure hated treatment and became a little bit of a grump.

The sores around her mouth were painful, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stand it. So if you did even some tiny thing she disliked, she’d suddenly smack you with her paw (lol) It was shocking how energetic she became.




She spends her time in the big cage the volunteers built her.


If you could just… stay… this healthy…

But nothing truly lasts forever.

Around the day before yesterday, she seemed to stop eating. She suddenly couldn’t stand, and was stuck in a lying position while still conscious.

We thought it was over, and wondered if we should give up on commuting to the hospital. When we pet her she seemed to enjoy it and she clearly was conscious, so we decided it would be okay to go to the hospital.

When we returned home from the hospital, she was able to sit unlike before, so we thought it’d be okay for now.

Let’s get through tonight, too.

I don’t know how long she’ll last. Our hearts aren’t quite prepared yet, so could you please just hold on a little more

Eni-chan (*^_^*)


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