Translation: 2017-01-22 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Conan-kun Changed Rooms

Today is Nyander Guard’s Foster Event!


From 10am to 3:30pm
100-1 Fukuuchi Yamada, Miharu
Contact phone number 0247-73-8915

Please come stop by(=^・^=)


The other day I wrote a blog post and talked about Conan.

Conan was rescued from Ōkuma’s Okawara area. He’s a kitty transferred from another organization(*^_^*)


Conan is always crying about how he wants out of the room and it sounds like he’s saying Conaaan♪ Conaaan♪ (゜o゜) The organization that rescued him named him Conan, and now I know why!

As of now the door has an indoor lock, and it can’t easily be opened. But at first he could easily open the door and get out, so Conan would cause a lot of problems for volunteers.

He’ll get pats, and give licks in return… and then suddenly bite me on the nose and draw blood(>_<)

What the heck (lol)


When he got thin we became worried. On his last blood test we found that he had slightly high levels of creatinine and that his kidney was starting to get bad, but this time his liver was getting bad. (His kidneys were fine.)

We wanted him to spend time with his buddies in room 1-F but we resolved to have him recuperate in the same room as Chamu.


We want them to meet each other before we let them roam free.


Chamu and Conan… they’re both a bit up there in their years and are unexpectedly well-suited for each other.

I wonder if they’ll get along well(*^_^*) …I thought, right as Chamu was like, hey, who are you! <(`^´)>


…and then it ended with a hiss(^_^;)


After Yuri passed away, Chamu didn’t have anyone around(^_^;) Seemed so lonely.

Chamu generally doesn’t get along with anyone… and Conan’s a boy.

Become surprisingly close and show me the two of you sleeping all cuddled up(●^o^●) If you two did that I’d be soooo happy❤

Conan’s such a good boy that he never gets mad.


Chamu is being a spectator…


After Conan left room 1-F, the kiddies there might be a bit lonely. Somehow or another, I think Conan managed to keep the peace. We’ve let Mike roam free, so we’re hoping there are no disruptions…


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