Translation: 2017-01-23 Entry (1 of 2)


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Eni-chan Became a Star☆

Today at 3:42am Enishi passed away.

[Translator’s note: Enishi is a Japanese word for destiny that brings people together.]


During the night she was either totally asleep, or trying to move around while stuck in a lying position. We’d place the water in the direction that she moved, but she would spill it or drop her head in it, so we returned her to her bed. But she obviously was looking for a cool place and kept moving her body around.

After lying down, she suddenly lost consciousness and her breathing stopped. And in the blink of an eye, she was gone. It was so fast that we checked to really make sure her heart wasn’t beating over and over again.

She had the same kind of mountain wizard aura as Bucho, a cat who used to be here.

It still feels like she’s alive.


Enishi, were you happy being by our side?

We’ll continue to try hard so that another little one like Enishi doesn’t disappear in solitude.

Please watch us from up there.


This was Enishi yesterday.
In her final moment, sleeping so peacefully.


Our precious, precious Enishi.

Please forgive me as I smile, remembering you as our “grumpy little Enishi”(*^_^*)

Rest easy, Enishi.


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