Translation: 2017-01-23 Entry (2 of 2)


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Our Sumo Wrestler(●^o^●)

The funeral for Enishi-chan, who passed on yesterday, is planned for this evening.


The sumo wrestler Kisenosato won(=^・^=) Took a while(^^;))) They say it’s been a long while since a Japanese person was the grand champion(=^・^=)

Isn’t that great(=^・^=)

Secretly, I really liked Kisenosato and I felt like I had a huge crush when I saw him enter the ring. So I’m really really happy.

There’s nothing like good news.


By the way(●^o^●)

If we’re talking about our sumo wrestler…


That’s right(●^o^●)

It’s Goma-chan(●^o^●)


He was born after the disaster and rescued in Tomioka.

His pattern is black and white and the flower petal shape on his forehead makes him look just like a sumo wrestler! He’s the grand champion of Nyander Guard(*^_^*)


Goma-chan actually graduated once and went to a cat cafe in Tokyo to find a foster home, but he needed a medical diet and things got difficult because he picked on other cats, so he came back to us.

He was really young when he graduated, but now Goma-chan is completely grown.

When he returned to us he was a little sumo, well over 8 kilograms (~17 pounds).

But he’s so cute(●^o^●)


And he’s still 3 years old!

He looked like this when he was little( ☆∀☆)


I really wonder why he never found a home when he was little… There really aren’t as many cats as charming as him!


This time around, it seems the diet was a success and he’s returned to the body he had before going to the cat cafe (lol)



“Mom should diet, too!”


“I’m fine, so perhaps you could leave me be?”

When I started to talk to the staff about our little sumo wrestler they were like, “You mean you?”


Hey, staff, you really don’t pull your punches with me! o(`^´*) My feelings are gonna get hurt!!! (*`Д´)


But… Goma-chan was trying really hard on his diet. Maybe I’ve gotta try hard, too?

Hm, I don’t feel like it… \(´O`)/


Goma-chan is looking for a foster home(*^_^*)


If you live with Goma-chan, your life will definitely be fun! (*´∇`*)


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