Translation: 2017-01-24 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: ◇Notice◇ We are sending letters to everyone related to Nyander Guard

To all of you that regularly support Nyander Guard, thank you for always lending your strength and allowing us to rescue so many animals.


It will soon be 6 years that Nyander Guard has been active, and it’s also been 6 years since the disaster.

During these 6 years we have met with so many people who have become foster parents, people who have become supporters, and people who have become volunteers. Every time I recall one of our many memories together, I’m filled with so much thankfulness.


“Even small strengths can become big, if we gather them together.” This is something the proprietor always expresses to everyone.


To all of you that lent your hearts out to the animals of Fukushima, your support gave them a way to live.

Because of the strength that each and every one of you had, Nyander Guard has been able to push forward to this point and save the lives of animals.

During these 6 years, Nyander Guard has searched for a solution and has come this far. From now we’re going to do our best to aim for a no-kill Fukushima, and eventually a no-kill Japan.


But currently, the management and operation of Nyander Guard is coming under difficult times, and because we also took on the management and operation of Animal Guard (formerly Animal Friends) our current situation is not stable.

Therefore, we hope that it is not a bother, but we intend to send from Nyander Guard a letter to everyone that supported us or became foster parents.

If there are any mistakes spelling names, please forgive us.

For those of you that became foster parents as well as supported us or volunteered it is possible that you may get duplicate letters.


In situations where we could not look up the new names that families gave their foster pets we will write the name that we gave them at the organization.

If anyone could provide updates on their foster pets all of the staff members would be so happy to hear from you(*^_^*)
*If you would like to, please contact us at (=^・^=)

To those of you that know our current status from Facebook and this blog and those that directly came to volunteer, please know that we will also be sending you letters.

We believe there are many of you that know the predicaments at this organization, but
please, it would truly make us happy if you would read our letter.

Let’s use everyone’s strength and make it the strength of the animals at Nyander Guard and Animal Guard!


-Nyander Guard Shelter Lead
-Nyander Guard Staff



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