Translation: 2017-01-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Room 2-E is Evolving♪

The other day I introduced our sumo wrestler, Goma-chan. The room he’s in is a room on the second floor that’s called Isshan’s room.

Before, it was the room for the AIDS carrier kiddies. Now it’s going to be a non-carrier room, so we did some major cleaning, added plywood in the interior, and added heat-insulation materials.

The volunteers did everything for us, and even though it takes time, everything is steadily in progress.(●^o^●)


The person that’s responsible for the work progressing so well is S-san from Chiba.

Honestly, S-san doesn’t really like dogs and cats all that much, but somehow they got wrapped up in all of this (lol) It’s been 2 years now that they’ve come here as a volunteer(*^_^*)

Because of the proprietor’s character, we’ve met so many people, connected with them, and cooperated with them. This organization has so many male volunteers, and I wonder if that’s because of our proprietor’s charm(*^_^*)


Even the small detailed areas are coming together steadily, and it seems like it’s going to be a fun room.


This is the hallway’s midair corridor entrance.


Their work is so careful and gorgeous. I want to be this skillful with my hands, too!



They’re saving this part for us. Up until now I never even noticed it(^_^;) This work was at the entrance. A volunteer from long ago made this for us, and I was shocked that I had never noticed it! My apologies to the person that made it(^_^;)


To be honest, we haven’t had any volunteers lately. It’s getting to the point where we don’t have enough people to care for the animals(>_<) Volunteers who want to make use of their strong points: please, volunteer with us!

If you would like to volunteer, please read this.

People who love cleaning♪ People whose forte is DIY projects♪ People who love playing with cats♪ And so on. Instead of calling it work, we should call it therapy (lol) Volunteers can even volunteer in a cat cafe style.

We carefully and courteously train new volunteers. Participate with a peace of mind!

Here are the kiddies of this room that haven’t been introduced(●^o^●)



She was rescued in Fukushima City. She was a mom when we rescued her(*^_^*)

She’s still scared of new people. She adores the staff that take care for her❤ We’re gonna try our best to get her to love everyone!(●^o^●)



He was rescued from Tomioka’s Evacuation Zone. When he was rescued he was barely 1 year old. He was born after the disaster.

He is such a good-looking, handsome cat❤ A little more time is necessary for him to get used to people. He’ll slowly become a sweet kitty(*^_^*)


And… Tama-chan

We already introduced you!

Ahhh, but I love Tama-chan(*≧∀≦*)


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