Translation: 2017-01-27 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Shirasu Became a Star (つД`)ノ

Do you remember Shirasu, who was rescued by Nyander Guard in 2013?

The hazard area sanctions hadn’t been lifted at the time. Now you can go freely through Naraha and Tomioka’s southern regions but you couldn’t without permission at that time.

Shirasu was rescued from a house along the rows of cherry blossoms in Tomioka’s Yonomori Park.


His pure white body was so dirty and he seemed so tired out. Right after the rescue he was such a grump(^_^;)

The animals we rescued at the same time were also given sea-based names but Shirasu was a name that really suited him(๑≧౪≦)

[Translator’s note: shirasu are thin, white, baby fish.]

He quickly got used to people and everyone sure loved him.



We found his owner but they decided to have a relative become his foster family. We heard that Shirasu’s foster family really loved him.

Around a year ago, his lungs started to get bad. They took him to the hospital any time he needed treatment, but at the end of last year, he took his last breath while laying on his foster parent’s chest.

Moon, who he lived with, was probably waiting for him across the Rainbow Bridge.


Lately, it seems like we’re seeing off so many little ones. The long time span of 6 years since the disaster is incredibly long to pets. There are probably many ones that have been rescued, given to foster homes, and then passed away.

Of course we don’t want to hear sad news, but…


We’ll be happy if you would read the letters we’re currently sending to all foster parents. Some people have already responded, but I have to apologize for not having said anything yet(^^;

It’s not required, but if a pet you fostered passes away, please contact us to let us know. Thank you m(_ _)m


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