Translation: 2017-01-28 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding and Care Activites: Tomioka, Namie, Katsurao

We have been going into the disaster zones for care activities for successive days.

On the first day we had a substantially late start with our departure.


Now that we have Rika-kun to walk, even on days that we have to go to the disaster zones we have to make sure to walk him first.

If he just pulled hard, I think I could ask the volunteers to walk him. But he sometimes gives a monumental pull out of nowhere and during those times we’ve had incidents where someone might fall over and lose grip of the leash.

After thinking it over, I judged that it would be far too difficult to leave that task to a volunteer.

So, I thought that it would be nice to take him along for the feeding activities. But oftentimes when he gets in the car he gets more excited than usual, and because he is positive for Filariasis I was worried that it might put stress on his heart. Furthermore, he can let out these tremendous barks over and over.

But Rika seems to love cars so that makes me happy(=^・^=)

He’s a big dog and he has an illness so it will be difficult to find a new owner but if there is anyone out there who could take him in, we would be so grateful.

There are certain special techniques when it comes to walking him, like putting the leash underneath his legs so you can walk without being pulled. But it’s not good to get used to that, so I normally avoid it.

His personality is super duper great, and this cutie always wants to be next to people.

I think it would be wonderful if there were a foster parent that could live a relaxed life with himヽ(´∀`)ノ


Rika-kun is going to be 9 soon, and his birthday is Valentine’s Day❤

He’s a purebred English Setter, positive for Filariasis. He’s currently undergoing treatment for his Filariasis but he’s such an energetic, good boy(*^_^*)

He’s looking for a foster parent(●^o^●)


Ah, my story got off-track(^_^;)

Our second day of feeding and care activities:



It’s the dead of winter, so we don’t really want to be setting up rescue cages during the night if possible but there were places where that wasn’t really possible.

We were filled with this hurried impatience where we wanted to rescue someone, even just one day sooner. But when I think of the current unstable situation of the shelter as I set the cages up, I also have conflicting thoughts as to whether it’s really okay to take them in.

I’ve written about this before, but in the disaster zone, whether or not you can rescue a cat is purely based on luck. It’s all based on luck whether the cat we’re targeting will appear in the area on the day we want to rescue it.

On the day where I choose which feeding area to go to, it’s also based on luck whether I can rescue any kiddies. In areas where the feed has run out already before we go in, there’s no way to know how long the cats have stopped going there.

I can’t even imagine how they’re pulling through once the food has run out, and the more I think about it, the more painful it is.

But it’s not a place where we can go every day. It’s an area where common rules don’t apply.


Arriving at a feeding ground where the feed has run out… no food for today… the retreating figure of a cat, trudging back…


This is not just something I can imagine. I have witnessed it many times.

All of you that have gone to disaster zones for feeding activities have experienced this, I’m sure. And that’s why all of us involved can’t simply stop. For 6 years we continue.


By spring, we will finish our activities in some areas where sanctions will be lifted and feeding was rejected.

The other day, there was a meeting in Miharu where people from the various municipalities of the disaster zones gathered and discussed the issue of wild animals.

We did as best as we could as a care organization to not cause problems and save these little souls. But the reality is that our feed is calling in wild boars.

Self-centered way of thinking, even if it is an animal welfare organization, is not something society will accept. We don’t want to make animals rejected by society because of what we did to save them.

And it’s a fight that continues on, but we’re going to keep at it.


This time we focused on those areas that will become strict from now on, and made an effort to rescue animals.

The range is from Namie to Tomioka to Katsurao. In total we placed 10 rescue cages.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, we’re going to make each and every one of the rescued animals happy if we can save them. That’s what I thought as I secretly checked and set the rescue cages.




During the day we checked the rescue cages twice.

Nyander Guard has a shelter on Naka-dōri but the evacuation zone is more like the area close to Hama-dōri.

When we put out rescue cages during winter like this we watch the weather reports and plan accordingly for the collection of the cages, but just in case if it’s snowing too hard and we can’t continue on to Hama-dōri, we sleep in the car, or find an Internet Cafe, or stay at an acquaintance’s house when the activities last more than one day.

On the second day during dawn it got horrendously cold, so at daybreak we went to check all possible places once and after that it got so warm that we stayed and checked things out until around noon.

We were looking for the little ones that come out when it’s warm.



it was no good.


But at the same time I was relieved. I was upset at myself for feeling that way, though. But because of the current state of affairs at the shelter, I wondered if it would really be okay to rescue another animal.


I frankly do not know if it’s really okay to continue to rescue animals in this situation. But if I don’t continue to do these rescue activities, if I really have no choice but to quit, something even more disastrous will occur.


In order to continue our activities, our proprietor is doing everything he can to fight on, but I can’t imagine that it is easy for him to maintain two organizations on his own.

Pardon the emotional statement on a blog for information m(_ _)m


But please, if you could read this request for support and do anything that you could possibly do. Could we please ask for your cooperation?


On this day we said goodbye to one area. A feeding area that has done us well for 6 years.


There has been talk about it being disassembled by the end of the month, and next time we come in for activities it will definitely be an empty lot.

Even after checking the camera to see if no cats were there, we set rescue cages and came today.

We have so many memories here, and it’s sad to see it go. Nyander Guard rescued so many little ones here, and it was an area where the cats knew there would always be a stable source of food, which is such a huge thing.

Because of the cooperation of the owners of this house, we were able to establish this feeding place and save so many little ones. Thank you so much!


There was a little bit of snow left on Hama-dōri.



I found a cat’s footprint. This footprint made me feel so relieved(*^_^*)


This post became a bit long, so the continuation will come tomorrow(^_^;)

Katsurao’s story is to be continued.


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