Translation: 2017-01-29 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: To Rescue the Cats of Katsurao That Have Been Fighting On: Please Lend Us Your Strength!

We did activities in Katsurao.

In Katsurao we must rush to do rescues at several areas. There are many lives that have been toyed with due to the disaster and power plant issue.

The feeding area points we visit are places where we as an organization practice TNR, and places where there are pet cats. In those areas, the reasons why feeding will not be permitted are:

■There are no remaining pet cats, so they want us to stop feeding.

■Stray cats approach and…

■Because wild animals come…

■The areas are dismantled and they have no place to hang around.

And so on.

Katsurao is about the same as Iitate but the surface area and population is small and last year people were allowed to return, but not many people went back.

Every day there is no food. That’s because the amount of people that return home to feed the animals are next to none. Even now the cats are living in a village with no light and no warmth at night.


Frankly, if we were to rescue all the little ones left here in Katsurao we wouldn’t need to return here for feeding activities. In other areas, entrance is limited, so we cannot rescue to our heart’s content but in Katsurao, depending on how we do things, the rate of possible rescues is increasing.

Additionally, wild animals have laid waste to the feeding areas, so cats in this area don’t know if food will last and go in search of other feeding areas.

This is just like the former disaster area of Hama-dori.


6 years ago, so many cats were left behind in Katsurao. Our organization will rescue as many cats as possible, but because the number is too huge, it is important to start with TNR, so we have been spaying and neutering the cats of Katsurao. After that we do feedings, and then rescue cats, with weaker individuals taking priority.


Presently, the total number of cats remaining at the feeding areas we visit is predicted to be 20-40 cats. This is not judged by the number I have seen myself, because at different points there are little ones we see and little ones we don’t see. But including the ones I have not seen, 30 seems to be a bit low? But at most (at one point it may have grown) I would say about 40?
※This is my own judgement(^_^;) I am willing to hear other opinions. After all, this is just my prediction.

If we decided to rescue them all, it would be a doable amount if the shelter was in a more stable condition. AIDS carriers and non-carriers, ones with illnesses… if foster parents appeared it wouldn’t be so difficult.


Soon it will have been 6 years since the disaster. We want to put all of our strength into these evacuation zones.

Could we please borrow your strength and make this a reality?


During yesterday’s activities, I caught sight of a very dirty white cat. At this area, there are many little ones with AIDS and because they were so dirty, that certainly means they have some sort of ailment that makes their mouth painful. If they cannot eat, they will certainly die. That is what I expect from little ones like that.


We went around other areas, and we ran into this cat at the last feeding area and we were there for only a short amount of time, but we set up a rescue cage. But it’s difficult to rescue them in such a short time span, and that little one was very cautious.

The dirt could be caused by snow and mud, and they’re an older cat. If it was the white cat we saw during last year’s TNR session it would not have a clipped ear. From now on we will continue to fight to rescue them, but I feel faint-hearted when I wonder if it’s really okay to rescue them under current conditions.


It’s embarrassing to say, but rescuing little ones that probably won’t find foster homes soon– and even if they find foster homes the medical expenses don’t come back to us– is such a big responsibility. I don’t want to think about that and decide whether or not to rescue an animal but that’s seriously how grave the situation is at the shelter right now.


But life can’t wait. If we can rescue them and treat them, there are little ones that can live long lives, but not rescuing them… if that’s the border between life and death… it’s so terrible.


Everyone, we are ardently requesting assistance for our operating fees. And we are so grateful to those that will become foster parents. For those willing, we will be given peace of mind as you care for them!


Of the little ones we’ve rescued, there are many that have illnesses. For those of you that might have a hard time caring for one with an illness, we have plenty of other rescue cats that you can foster.

※Criterion for foster parents are listed in our organization’s standards. Please contact the organization directly.


Of the little ones left behind in Katsurao, there are many that we have seen in these past 6 years since the disaster. They are exceeding the life span of outdoor cats. These little ones that have struggled for this long to stay alive… we want to borrow your strength and and make so many of them happy.

We earnestly request your understanding and cooperation!

I am sure that I will write this again in future entries.

Thank you for your support m(_ _)m


The preface to this entry got long.

Report on Katsurao’s feeding activities:

At the place where we are trying to catch a brown tabby, the standing feeder is doing well!


I thought the prop at the bottom of the base was a little unreliable but are wild boars not ramming into it?

It’s operating without any issues(●^o^●)N-san, thank you for implementing it!

We could also clearly see cat footprints, so we know for sure that the feeder is serving well.


The afternoon sunlight was so warm.


On these days we probably can spot cats as they’re on an outing.

We did our rounds of feeding until twilight.

At the place we do rescue activities for an orange tabby we met with the landlord K-san for the first time in a long while.

We couldn’t rescue a cream and white boy, so we’ll continue to use the feeding stand. We apologized and said goodbye.

At this point we’ve seen a brown and white tabby cat, a black and white cat, and a the black cat so we can’t quit until we rescue them all.


Because we didn’t see any wild raccoons or damage from wild boars at this feeding stand, one way or another we’d like to continue, but it’s difficult…


At Makku-Papa’s house we saw Katsuo-kun(●^o^●)


Papa-san was also there, but he had to go home to because his kids suddenly came to visit.


So Katsuo-kun kept us company. Ahhh, he’s so cute(´∀`*)

He started living around here recently. He was friendly from the beginning. But ever since Katsuo-kun appeared here, a similarly patterned more mild-mannered little one stopped coming around. But I heard that a little one that’s coming around Makku-Papa’s main home looks like that one, so I was relieved(*σ´Д`*)


When we approached Tora-kun’s place, it seems like he hasn’t been able to eat and has become very thin.


His kidneys are bad, but he doesn’t have anemia. N-san escorted him to a hospital once and diligently got him treatment but even though Tora-kun is fighting on, his condition seems severe. We gave N-san foods and liquid that are good for a weak kidney.

They have been giving it to him by a dropper.  We want to help him live! For over 5 years N-san has been watching over Tora-kun and doing everything they could possibly do for him.


Cat Parlor 1 area:

Because of the snow my body was barely able to fit through the entrance(^_^;)

Every time the feed here is gone. It was disassembled and the shed is gone but there were cat footprints in the direction of the cow barn, so I think everyone is coming here.


S Farm area:

As expected, the wild boars damaged the box and left it hanging on and the feed was falling out. Here, too, the owners asked us to stop feeding the other day because it was attracting stray cats.

This time, we didn’t see the tortoiseshell cat that is always waiting for us here but this area that little ones have been living at for 6 years is going to disappear.

Weren’t the little ones here at the time of the earthquake your cats? Don’t you know that if we stop feeding them, these little ones won’t be able to survive?

I’m holding back all these questions I want to throw at these homeowners.

There is nothing we can do but trying to catch them by the deadline.


My favorite scenery in Kazekoshi area:


The man who owns this house has become but kinder to cats since the disaster but this time we couldn’t enter by car because of the snow. It seems like he hasn’t been coming here for a while…

I want to rescue the little ones here. There were so many that I couldn’t spot. I wonder if they’ve already passed away(;_;)

Even though we probably could’ve saved them. It’s so disappointing・゚・(つД`)・゚・


Lastly, below Seseragi Manor area:

As we were on our way, we played tag with this black and white cat.


When we were putting feed, they were like, “When are you leaving? I wanna eat the food.”(=∀=)

And then, a dirty white cat appeared.


When we approached and got a good look, it seemed to be dirty, but not from snow or mud and it seemed very weak, so we figured it had some sort of illness and wanted to rescue it but our time was too short and we couldn’t. ※ This was mentioned in the introduction.

Sorry for cutting it a bit short(^_^;) That’s our report on our activities.

Over the years our feeding points have decreased and activities themselves have been reduced but at this point, we’re cooperating with others and are doing our best to come at a pace of once a week.

Winter feedings go hand in hand with danger because the high amount of snowfall.

As I wrote in the introduction that got a bit long, but because of various reasons, rescue efforts have to continue at Katsurao. Could you lend us your strength to help us continue somehow?

We would be so grateful if you could spread and share this article m(_ _)m


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