Translation: 2017-01-31 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Rui and Roi: A Report from Their Foster Parents (*^_^*)

Rui and Roi came to us from Ibaraki Prefecture from someone’s SOS call.

They were raised by someone with a handicap, and they were not properly being cared for in a hot, closed-off space. They also wouldn’t get them surgery so it would have been pitiful to leave them as is.


The person who sent the SOS apparently spoke about this situation with the owner more than once, but nothing improved, so they asked our organization if we would take care of the cats. The owner consented and we took them in.


Rui and Roi are Ragdoll type cats, and in no time at all they attained happiness and graduated to Kitakata City.

These super cute cats were so sweet to each other.


This is the blog entry from that time.

Here are the photos that were sent to us.



Frankly, we can’t talk too much about this but it’s scary to think that they may not have been able to survive living in that former owner’s home. Outwardly they said that they doted on the cats, but when we saw the room they were being kept it we knew we couldn’t leave them there.

Because the former owner was not able communicate well, we were scared that if we mistook one word that they would change their mind.

There are many kinds of people in this world. I think we must carefully see things through.

We are so thankful to the couple S-san that became their foster parents (*^_^*)


They also kept Rui and Roi’s names as is(//∇//)

We’re so so happy(。-_-。


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