Translation: 2017-02-01 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: An important announcement to everyone, and a request. This is a long entry, but please read.

Nyander Guard, since the Great East Japan Earthquake which caused the accident at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power plant, is now on its sixth year of operation
and continuing rescue activities for dogs and cats in the evacuation zones.

In both the evacuation zones and all over Fukushima Prefecture, we have saved over 750 dogs and cats. The ratio of rescue in the evacuation zones and rescue for other reasons is 60% and 40% respectively (as of December 27th 2016.)

Our name has become known by more people as time passes, which gives us more opportunities to rescue dogs and cats. On the other hand, the amount of rescued animals in the evacuation zones is decreasing and is expected to keep decreasing even further. Under such circumstances, our stance will never change; we will fight to continue rescue activities in the evacuation zones and accomplish zero euthanasia in Fukushima Prefecture.

Nuclear power plants are built by human hands, but they are demons which cannot be controlled by human hands. Because of accidents at nuclear power plants, humans and animals have had their ways of lives completely derailed.

At the time of the disaster, there were an estimated 10,000 dogs and cats in this area altogether. It is said that of those dogs and cats, nearly 5,000 have died of starvation and the like.

After the disaster, Nyander Guard first entered Miyagi Prefecture. We did activities in areas that were badly damaged by the tsunami. We put all our efforts into building places where animals could survive. Soon after news came rushing in that things were taking a terrible turn in Fukushima Prefecture. There were animals left behind in the areas within a few dozen kilometers of the nuclear power plant because the people there had to evacuate. There we witnessed the tragedy of the animals of Fukushima, and the harshness of the situation.

The proprietor thought things over. The amount was just too high. First and foremost, a place where dogs and cats could be rescued and cared for must be prepared. And just like that, nearly one month after the disaster, an animal shelter was set up close to the evacuation zone in Tamura City’s Ōgoe Town.

Because we had started up a shelter, the number of animals that could be cared for increased. Nevertheless, there were still so many little ones left behind that couldn’t be rescued, so we set out food for them in order to at least let them survive.

However, on April 22nd, regions within 20 kilometers of the nuclear power plant were determined as “Hazard Areas” and were no longer allowed for entrance. But even then, the proprietor wouldn’t give up. With the help of volunteers, in order to save the animals
they broke through the “Hazard Areas” and continued the feeding activities.

In December of that year, there was only one public interest entrance (for animal rescues, registered organizations were permitted to enter for a few days; however, because some organizations broke a rule, this was the only time it was allowed.) After that, citizens and businesses could get permits (*Currently, entering to do pet rescues is not allowed at most places, but thanks to the cooperation of citizens, we can continue our activities.) But the number of people that can enter is determined by the federal government, and one household is allowed to enter 30 times in one year. *This was established in consideration of radiation exposure.

With the power of several collaborators, in the areas where returning is limited and evacuation areas, we can do feeding and rescue activities at least 4 times a month. While we put effort into returning rescued pets to their owners, we also respond to internet posts from people that believe their pets– their family members– are still living even though 5 years have passed and help with provisions and searches.

At this organization, our proprietor’s founding principle is: “Saving animals is saving people.”

What does the future hold for these animals? In cases where we deem that the animals saved from the evacuation zones are over 5 years old, we look for their owners. For the other dogs and cats, we endeavor to find foster parents for them. Once per month we hold an adoption event at the shelter and through internet posts and events we continue to put our efforts into new searches for pet owners, and new rescue missions for unhappy souls. In compliance with discussions held with local residents, we do rescues and TNR.

It’s frustrating not being able to save every dog and cat. But if we cannot save them we thought that there must be something we could do for them to at least live happily where they are. We took action by putting faith into not letting a single animal be euthanized, abused, or abandoned as we continued activities. For cats, in cases where they cannot be cared for because of the size of the shelter, we think it is essential to do TNR.

Even though the welfare of animals has improved after the disaster, Fukushima still has a long way to go compared to other Prefectures. The number of animals euthanized in 2016 was 2756 (including 279 dogs)– a number quite far off from zero. But we wondered if we could get that number closer to zero by doing TNR activities and through the spread of education about proper care. After making Fukushima Prefecture no-kill, we want to make Japan no-kill. This is Nyander Guard’s huge goal from now on.


Last year, the proprietor took over Animal Friends in Nīgata.

This year, over 5 years have passed since the disaster, as support continues to dwindle, proprietor Honda took over Nīgata Animal Friends (now Animal Guard.) The two shelters together have over 370 rescue animals. (Dogs, cats, birds, turtles, rabbits, etc.)

Animal Guard is in Nīgata (next to Fukushima) but has taken in many animals from the disaster areas of Fukushima Prefecture for over 5 years.

When the proprietor said he wanted to save Animal Friends, to be frank, I was in opposition. But what would have happened to the animals there had Honda not saved them? What about the staff that clenched their teeth and fought hard there?

At the personal level and the organizational level there wasn’t a single person that said we should take an action regarding the debt at Animal Friends. An expose article by a magazine “Shūkan Shinchō” decreased support funds and there were also charges filed by the Labor Standards Inspection Office on behalf of the sloppy management and unpaid staff.  And yet, the staff thought of the animals and fought desperately to the brink to care for them, even though they weren’t being paid.

Even though I think that proprietor Honda thought it would be a little too simple to save Animal Friends, there wasn’t a single person poised to act as him. In order to continue the shelter, the proprietor is flinging his own money into the mix.

About the Nyander Guard and Animal Guard shelters:

Nyander Guard Proprietor Akira Honda
Shelter Lead Daita
Staff total: 5 people
Animal Guard Proprietor Akira Honda
Shelter Lead Kuwabara
Staff total: 9 people

About the environment we raise the animals in:
Nyander Guard has 6 doghouses, 15 cat rooms, and 5 isolation/quarantine rooms.
We generally let them roam free, but we use cages when the circumstances call for it.
It is fully equipped with AIDS rooms and leukemia rooms.

Animal Guard has 20 doghouses and 2 areas with wide space that can be used as a kennel with cages that accommodate 50 total. There are 11 cat rooms that can accommodate 8 cats, and 4 larger cat rooms that can accommodate 10 cats. There is one quarantine/isolation room.
It is fully equipped with AIDS rooms and leukemia rooms.

For the dogs, they are walked, fed, and given water twice a day in the morning and evening. For the cats, they are fed and given water twice a day in the morning and evening and we spend time playing with them and being with them. As we care for the animals we observe their states of affairs, and we immediately take unwell ones to the hospital for treatment. All the staff members are trying to overlook any small abnormalities and come together to take care of things.

With both shelters combined, there is a considerable amount of space to care for animals. Because the management of Animal Guard is currently not stable, generally we will not be taking care of any new animals there. (Except in unavoidable situations.) With some help from proprietor Honda, Shelter Lead Kuwabara and other staff members worked very hard. Now the shelter’s atmosphere is transforming into a great one.


Nyander Guard and Animal Guard are requesting your help with the improvement and preservation of the shelters!

From now could Nyander Guard and Animal Guard possibly receive financial aid?

To continue the nuclear power plant area activities,
to do TNR activities throughout all of Fukushima Prefecture,
to extend care and TNR activities to cats in Nīgata Prefecture,
and for the lives of current rescue dogs and cats…

Our organization can hold true to all of these things thanks to the support of you all. As we enter our sixth year our financial aid continues to decrease, the money proprietor personally pays is increasing. Currently, we are approaching the point where the proprietor even can’t keep things going.

Normally the proprietor is always seen joking around but it’s because it’s the only way he can forget for a moment about the big responsibilities he has. But up until just now for 5 years the proprietor has been gritting his teeth, working to the bone and thinking only of the animals at the shelter and preserving it for us. This is something the proprietor started himself, but at a personal level the management of this many animals’ care must be staggeringly difficult. I’m sure this is something that you all can understand.

Nyander Guard is making our income and expenditures public. It is attached as reference so that you may read it.

However, from now on all financial aid will not only go to our organization, but to the operating expenses of former Animal Friends (now Animal Guard) as well. Currently, the management of Animal Guard is being handled by Shelter Lead Kuwabara and operations have become healthy and sound. Income and expenditures have not been released yet, but you can trust that it will all go to the operating expenditures of the shelter.

Now, the proprietor is hoping to find new supporters in America. But this absolutely does not mean that we are turning our backs on our supporters in Japan. Lately in Japan the number of welfare groups and individuals increased, and there are so many that have fought to make no-kill their slogan.

For instance, if one were to say, “We’re in trouble!” the financial aid will go that way. And if someone else said, “We’re in trouble!” then the financial aid will go that way. Therefore, to find new sources of aid, it is very important to find people who don’t know us and let them know about our activities Especially because Nyander Guard doesn’t that much time.

Luckily, because we also received cooperation from volunteers in America, our first move was easy. But at our photo exhibit in America in September, many people attended but the results weren’t enough to continue both shelters. We wanted to succeed at the photo exhibit in America in January, and the proprietor is currently working hard. Everything has been done for the sake of preserving the shelters. Nothing more, nothing less.

Previously, the proprietor wrote a blog entry to bring attention to his heartbreaking situation. At this time he believed that if we held on for 2 months, after the photo exhibit in America in September we would acquire continuous support, and he was confident that he could keep both shelters going. *At that time we received cooperation from so many people that we were able to get through October. Thank you very much!

But after that, the financial aid continued to decrease. And once again, we are approaching a state of affairs where continuation is difficult.

We feel so sorry to always be asking for help but the continuation of Nyander Guard and Animal Guard is in danger. We don’t even know if we can make it through this month. There is always a chance that the benefit of the photo exhibit in America will slowly come out but just like the time in September when he made his appeal, our operations are in danger.

Please, somehow, could we ask for your aid? Coincident with the photo exhibit in America, we plan on finding other ways of receiving operating expenses and we have to create a new system of organization but right now we, and the animals, do not have time.

At the time we receive financial aid, if you would like to know what is necessary we will answer you. If there is something you would like us to do, if we can, we will do it. To all of our supporters, we are presuming upon your benevolence, and perhaps we have been negligent in reporting some information or activity reports. Currently, the proprietor is working hard to find sources of aid in America. At the shelter we continue to provide care, but there’s nothing we can do, so we just dejectedly finish our shelter work.

But, I thought that there had to be something we could do. We thought of sending our request for cooperation in a letter to affiliated people, foster parents, and consultantees.

Frankly, there may have been people who thought they weren’t part of this, but that was the extent of what we could do. You might suddenly receive a letter from us. The letters contain information about our activities and requests but if any of our supporters here (at Nyander Guard) have not informed us of their address, could you please send an email to You could also call by phone at 0247-73-8915. If you could inform us of your address and name we would be very grateful.

As a united staff we want to do as much as possible for the continuation of the shelters. Please. Somehow.
Please help us fight on for the sake of the animals of Fukushima!
Please help us aim for a zero-euthanasia Fukushima Prefecture.
Please help us protect the animals of the evacuation zones.
Please help us aid the shelter animals with finding happiness.

All together with our wonderful young staff that’s overflowing with love for animals, please support our organization and Animal Guard!
And please believe in Proprietor Honda, who worked desperately to this point, and please give us continuous support!
I truly apologize for all these requests!
Thank you very much m(__)m


Nyander Guard Shelter Lead Daima Takemi
Nyander Guard Staff


Thank you for reading this extremely long entry m(__)m


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