Translation: 2017-02-02 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: To Nekomiya: 9 Kitties From Iwaki Have Graduated!

In Ikabaraki Prefecture’s Utsunomiya City there is a cat cafe called Nekomiya. After settling a small fungus problem they were able to reopen their business last November. After that they have steadily had little ones graduate to foster parents.

Even now there are cats that graduated from Nyander Guard that are working as “cat staff” at Nekomiya, but this time we had a surprising 9 cats go to them! They have plenty of cuties that we haven’t been able to find foster homes for(>_<)

Here is a photo from when they were little:




*There are a few graduates in this photo as well.


We told their proprietor Kiryū-san that these little ones are so cute but they’ll just keep getting bigger if they stay with us(>_<) and they gladly took them in for us!

They are long-hair and Siamese mixed little cuties from Iwaki City. We said, “They are all from the same place, so why don’t you take them all?” And they actually did take all of them. How nice! It’s probably whirling with activity at Nekomiya now… I imagine it’s pretty intense there(^_^.)

Because all those cuties are there at once, those of you that live nearby should definitely definitely go see them(//∇//)


The graduation ceremony☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Nekomiya’s staff and proprietor Kiryū-san: thank you very much!

There might be photos of these cuties uploaded on this blog soon(*^_^*)


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