Translation: 2017-02-03 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: This Month’s 2 TNRs

Yesterday, we were scheduled for surgery at Shirakawa Hanasato Club’s Stray Cat Hospital Petit V.

Since it’s dead the of winter,  we restrict the number of TNRs, so we went to areas where if we don’t do something more animals will be born and performed TNR on two cats.



We are so thankful to Dr. Kameda who came to Shirakawa Hanasato Club’s Stray Cat Hospital Petit V to perform surgery!

We had a consultation at the station in Miharu Town. Right in front of our eyes is the area called Yashimadai, where we have frequently had consultations.

The cat we rescued from a previous consultation is our Ohana-chan. Ohana-chan was actually a TNR cat, but at the time we rescued her she was in terrible condition and her blood test was totally red and we found that she had jaundice. We determined that she could not be released, so we kept her for care. The veterinarian told us that her numbers were so high that she had to have ingested some kind of poison. After that, her kidneys were still pretty bad, but she recovered. Ohana-chan seems to happy to be loved by staff.

There are so many people that just feed stray cats, but the person that came to us for a consultation was someone who knows the importance of spaying or neutering them.

The fact that there are cats coming in implies that there are already some places where cats are around in this area. So we heard from people in the area and were told that cats come down from Yashimadai, and that there is a home with lots of cats, so we went for a visit.

At first they probably thought we were going to scold them, persisting that there weren’t any cats there but after we explained what we do as an organization, they finally gave in and told us.

We also understood that this was an area where we would have to carry out surgeries. Yashimadai is a residential area in Miharu Town but we think there is a considerable number of cats here. We also think there are lots of people feeding strays. We don’t know how much we can spread our activities but this may be a good precedent for Miharu Town as well.

We’re anxious not knowing if we can do it with just our organization alone, but we’re going to try to do it with the support of local residents.

Thanks to all of your support, we can do these kinds of activities.

We are truly grateful, but the current state of affairs is that continuation of the shelter remains difficult.

I know I’m always asking requests of you and I apologize, but please continue to support us m(__)m


Rika-kun’s sleeping pose first thing in the morning♪



His defenseless sleeping pose and his barely awake sleepy pose! So cute❤ I’m in love(〃▽〃)


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