Translation: 2017-02-04 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: The Brown Tabby of Katsurao Village’s Natsuyu Was Rescued!

Yesterday we did feeding activities in Katsurao Village.


We are continuing from last week, but we wanted to set up a feeding stand at S Farm even one day sooner. Because of this, we didn’t have time to stretch it out over a day but we had enough volunteers and it seemed like we could go and bring volunteers along.

We were worried about snow but there wasn’t much at all, and we were relieved to see there wasn’t any snow buildup on our drive.


We only had a short half-day, so we started with urgent areas for setting rescue cages.

Last time, Y-san’s house was blocking the road because it was under demolition. There was still demolition going on, but it was suprisingly quiet so we stopped by there, and we saw a lady(●^o^●)

This home is the home of Torakichi-kun.


Torakichi was buddies with Aka-chan.

Every day the lady returns to her home from the evacuation areas, and her purpose in life is meeting with Aka. She was going to take Aka with her to the evacuation area with her once, but because she usually lives outdoors she always want to be outside, which was stressful. Because of this, the lady decided to let her stay in Katsurao Village.

She decided to come back every day to care for them.

Aka is super energetic and seems very happy(*^_^*) We really hope that they live long like their buddy Torakichi!


We went to Tora-kun’s home to check in on him. Because he was under the kotatsu, we weren’t able to get a photo of him.

[Translator’s note: a kotatsu is a low table that is covered with a quilt or blanket that reaches the floor with a heater inside.]

Tora-kun’s human grandfather is doing his best to keep Tora-kun, who protected his home for 5 years, alive and well. Previously we gave him liquid medicinal food for kidney troubles and he is giving it to him by syringe. As long as his kidney recovers we think he will live a long life, but this may be difficult because he has AIDS. He’s become very thin but he manages to gulp things down and he is taken to the hospital when possible. His owner is an elderly man so we’re a little anxious about him driving, but it can’t be helped(^_^;) I think Tora is happy to be with his human grandfather so from now on we’ll go and give him advice.


Momo-chan and Pochi



These little ones might be too young for their elderly human father, but now that we’ve gotten close we will watch over them and provide advice whenever he needs it.


The point we call Cat Parlor 1 had some damage to the door due to strong winds over the course of several days. However, because of this, snow got into the cow barn and we saw so many cat footprints!


This is a point where the feed is always gone but we were relieved to see some leftovers from last week’s feeding.

We were a little anxious when we didn’t see any cats after the demolition of a straw hut the cats previously used as a den. In the cow barn, we were so happy to see that affiliate volunteers left lots of warm beds.


At K-san’s house this little one appeared(*^_^*)


We put some yummy food out for you! Stay tough in that cold weather!


Today’s companion was N-san(*^_^*)

N-san is like a mother to us. We’re always being scolded(^_^;)(^_^;) (lol) We’re depending on her so so much m(__)m




The brown and white tabby’s bed was improved because an affiliate volunteer warmed it up. To make it even warmer, so we piled cloth atop it. We haven’t seen the brown and white tabby in a while… it stirred up a feeling in me…

And then N-san found the brown and white tabby!


It kept its distance but just seeing it looking well made me happy.


Our mission for this time was the installment of a standing feeder at S Farm.

The feed we put out last week appears to have been done away with by wild boars in an instant, and the plastic container was cruelly knocked off. We installed a standing feeder on S Farm that withstood the wild boar attacks at another point.


We also hung cloth to keep off crows.


If you look up at it from below, it’s like this.




Everyone was so hungry that they ate up all the wet food in no time at all.

We saw an orange tabby for the first time. We’re looking forward to seeing how they are next time.


It took more time than expected to finish things at S Farm and the sun set so we went to retrieve the rescue cages. And finally, after all this time, we were able to rescue the brown tabby of Katsurao Village’s Natsuyu!


Brown tabby ♀ Adult cat, cut ear, fairly young

There were two points at Natsuyu but both were demolished and we lost our place to leave food, so we really were lost about what to do at this location. This brown tabby had gotten so used to living at the barn here that we’re sure it was troubled when they lost it.

At this feeding area, we’re going to confirm that no other cats are coming and then stop operations.

We’re so happy that she seems healthy and lively. Cats really truly know how to survive. It’s amazing. I wanna follow their example and have guts like that…


The end still isn’t in sight but we’re going to keep fighting on.


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