Translation: 2017-02-05 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Iga-kun is Nyander Guard’s Highly Recommended Handsome Kitty❤

Iga-kun is from an Igarashi Shōten store in Miyakoji Town.


Because he was found at the Igarashi Shōten store we named him Iga-kun. Don’t you think that’s a perfect name? I’m proud of myself (lol)

This store’s owner is the owner of Miyakoji’s Aka, Happy, and John and he has taken such good care of those dogs.

I have a feeling we haven’t given you information on this(^_^;)

Aka, Happy, and John all found foster homes by the end of last year. They went from being in abandoned homes to finding new families.

To everyone that gave us your cooperation, and the volunteers that walked them for us, we are so thankful for you!


At the time of the earthquake, Miyakoji Town had so many wandering dogs and cats from evacuated areas. *I heard that people from Tomioka Town and Ōkuma Town would leave them here(^_^;) Put simply, I think they were thrown away here…

In that matter the numbers grew, and the cats were gathered and taken to an organization for spaying and neutering. And after that, the kind couple that owned the store started feeding them. After a while it became an area that was famous for having a lot of cats, and it seems like people thought that if they dropped their pets off there they’d be more or less taken care of. So many new faces popped up around the store, meaning more and more people were throwing cats away.

Iga-kun was a little one that appeared like that. He showed up out of nowhere, and because he was used to humans he went up to the lady and begged for food. But he was bullied by the other cats and couldn’t really eat anything so the lady sent out an SOS and we came in for a rescue.

When he came to the shelter Iga-kun had a big body but he was so thin and starving. And in his stomach was a huge number of insects(゚д゚)He must have had such a difficult lifestyle if he was eating those(;_;) We wanted to do something about his hunger, so we gave him as much food as he wanted to eat and now he’s finally satisfied, or shall we say he’s a bit of a chub(^_^;)

So now he’s on a diet! We’re gonna do our best(*^_^*)

He loves humans, and when someone is nearby he never leaves their side(^_^;) He always gets in the way when we clean, it’s so cute. It seems he just can’t help it, he always wants to be next to someone.




Brown tabby patterns are very common, so sometimes it’s difficult for foster parents to choose them, but this love for humans and his winning charm make him our number one boy we can brag about at the shelter(●^o^●)

Currently, we’re suggesting him to foster parents but even if it doesn’t work out, we want this super-duper cutie to find happiness soon.

Please let us recommend him to you all(●^o^●)


Pero-tan was very loved when Kokoneko opened.


They retired from Kokoneko and are spending time here at Nyander Guard(*^_^*) Fairly soon we should be able to bring them out of the cage. Thank you to all the customers that loved them!


Also, Tomikichi-kun and Koa-chan have had potential foster parents take interest in them(*^_^*)



Today we have a house visit.

I think it’s great that so many graduations are continuing on(●^o^●)


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