Translation: 2017-02-06 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Graduation Rush! We’re Grateful to the Volunteers(*^_^*)

I would like to introduce the following graduates: Bon-chan, Tomikichi, Inari, and Yohino.

On websites like “Pet’s Home” volunteers are working hard and it seems like graduates will continue in that way(*^_^*)


Our staff usually cannot make correspondence with foster parents and adoption events continue to end without showing results, so the numbers are hanging low. But is it due to the cold?

There are people that come to the shelter after seeing information about little ones that we’ve posted on websites. And some people have come after seeing Kokoneko, which is what they call synergy, right(●^o^●)I’m so happy that we have a connection!

This is all thanks to volunteers that manage the websites, to the volunteers that do home visits in the Kantou region, to the volunteers that look after the shelter when I am gone, and to places like Kokoneko that take in our little ones… Really, truly, thank you so very much.

It seems like we have first-time volunteers coming tomorrow.

Seriously, this is something that cannot be done alone, and we really feel that we can only do it with all of your cooperation(●^o^●)

Thank you for always coming to our rescue!


My beloved Tomikichi-kun will be graduating in a number of days. He’ll be going to an elderly lady’s place, and her son lives next door and acts as her guardian.


Tomikichi’s eyes have a strong sense of emotion(*^_^*)

The lady thought of her own age and requested an older cat. Her son is raising a fully indoor cat, so if something happens he’ll be able to take him in. He said that he wanted a cat that could be someone his mother could talk to, and said yes to Tomikichi. I love Tomikichi so much that, to be honest, I wish he could have been my pet but when I spoke with the woman I found her to be so elegant, refined, and nice. I tried speaking carefully as well and it was my wish that being with Tomikichi will allow her to live a fun life.

Tomikichi-kun also loves people. Now he gets a monopoly on his human grandmother(=^・^=)


But Robert might become a bit lonely…


I wonder if he’ll ever become friendly with Mumu-tan…(^_^;)


I didn’t think this little one would be able to graduate, so I’m really happy.




This little one is also very charming, but because she wasn’t very friendly in the beginning. It’s hard for her to be around new faces. If you’re in the room for a short while she’ll eventually approach and say, pet me, pet me! But when potential foster parents are here she just won’t come down!

When we rescued her she was so young and tender but lately it seems she’s become a grannyヽ(≧∀≦)ノ But her fur is so lovely. She’s such a beautiful little one(=^・^=)

We are searching for foster parents!


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