Translation: 2017-02-07 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Yuria-chan and Mikan-chan

The other day, Hanya-chan and Reia-chan graduated from room 1-C. Something about not having the two of them there has made this room so lonesome(;_:)



The vagabond Torajirō is there so



it’s still a great room for cat lovers.


After the two of them left, Mikan suddenly started following people around.


*This photo is from a bit before. I wasn’t able to get a good shot from the front. But I wanted to show off their cuteness(^_^;)


Mikan-chan is really friendly but doesn’t have a lot of love for other cats. Maybe something’s up lately, because I don’t see her at her usual position under the kotatsu but now I happen to see her quite a bit after the graduates left (lol)

[Translator’s note: a kotatsu is a low table that is covered with a quilt or blanket that reaches the floor with a heater inside.]


Pucchi and Yuria have cloudy eyes from a bout with a cold they had when they were little and their colds have become chronic, so it’s a bit difficult to find foster parents, which is disappointing. But Pucchi is doted on by volunteers so he is happy(*^_^*)

Reia also



is very assertive about coming to staff and frequent volunteers.

Reia and Yuria are sisters and Hanya and Mikan are sisters. However, both groups graduated separately. To be honest, we would have liked for them to have gone together. But it can’t be helped…

The little ones left behind after not being able to graduate when they were younger live carefree lives, but it’s a happy thing when they can go to foster homes.


Because our numbers have decreased, we plan on combining room 1-B with its neighboring room. 1-B is also full of cuties(*^_^*)



The next introduction will continue tomorrow(*^_^*)


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