Translation: 2017-02-08 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Introducing Room 1-B

Room 1-B is where we place comparatively young ones. We limit the capacity to around 12, so the room is fairly wide in its own way.

I wrote about Sumire-chan’s marking before.


We still don’t quite know why Sumire was marking, but we’ve done our best to wipe it down. We do our best to not let it soak through but even now, she will mark right in front of our eyes(^_^;)

We haven’t tried testing whether she wouldn’t mark if she were on her own but we want to. But we just can’t clear out the room so we haven’t had the chance. I think we’re going to try raising her in an environment where she is alone once we start conjoining the rooms.

But Sumire-chan, who really loves people, lately doesn’t like being held. She follows people around but doesn’t really ask to be pet… I wonder if there has been some change in her mental state. And she’s not really friendly with the other cats. Even if we find foster parents, we have to solve this marking issue.

We can do it, Sumire♪


You sure like this pose, huh(●^o^●)

The little ones in this room lost the chance to graduate when they were kittens but they’re so friendly that they can graduate. Little ones that really really love humans have decreased but if someone they know shows up, Fanny-chan spins around their legs like look at me! pet me!




Our black and white tomboy(*^_^*) She’s such a little cutie❤ She’s really beautiful but she’s only moderately used to people, so maybe that’s why nobody has fallen in love at first sight?

We are searching for foster parents♪



Nyander Guard’s foster parent recruitment is on our website Nyander Guard @ Fukushima. If you know anyone that wants to newly raise a cat, please suggest us(*^_^*) There are quite a few little ones that haven’t been posted on this website so please, contact us!

Jiji was rescued in Ōkuma Town’s Kumagawa area, and I can’t get a good photo because they’re always rubbing their head on meΣ(´Д`*)


Chip was rescued from Futaba Town.



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