Translation: 2017-02-10 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: We Did Feeding Today!

Today we did feeding activities in the evacuation zone.

For the first time in a while, we went with some local residents. We went in separate vehicles and split up midway but I bet it’s a little different feeling to be able to go back to your own home after a long while(^ー^)

I declared to write a blog entry every day but after this we have errands on Hama-dōri.

Naka-dōri was being pummeled by a ton of snow up until this morning. We were a bit scared to cross the freezing mountains, so we quit that plan. We wanted to ride on the Ban-Etsu Expressway, so in order to use the late night discount we would have to return to the shelter in the morning.

Because of that, I can’t write a blog entry!

Somehow I’m writing this with a smartphone(((^_^;) It’s tough(∋_∈) I want to post photos, but the ones I took today aren’t showing up. Sorry! Once we get back I’ll edit this post (;_;)

Sorry for this haphazard entry!


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