Translation: 2017-02-11 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Mike-chan Can’t Do It, As Expected…(^_^;)

Sorry for cutting corners on yesterday’s blog post(^_^;)

The morning was this crazy:



We took a nap on Hama-dōri and came back on the highway, and by the time we got back to the shelter most of the snow had melted. I think it would’ve been better to come back on route 288.

In this season I really worry about how we’ll trudge along to the evacuation zones, and it’s like we’re having a staring contest with weather updates on activity days. We tend to think it’s better to go in there when we have many people, but we can’t go in the middle of the week so it doesn’t work quite that easily(^_^;)

The winds were blowing so strongly on the highway, and the Kan-Etsu Expressway has lots of areas with only one traffic lane, which can be dangerous.

It’s all still Fukushima, but it’s so huge, so the climates can differ from area to area and I’m always shocked by that.

After we pass the border between Ōkuma Town and Miyakoji, when we take a road through the mountains it was a snowscape as far as we could see. But when we got to level ground there wasn’t any snow at all.

We were expecting to be able to track cat footprints in the snow especially today. I felt a bit of excitement in this bad weather, but… we weren’t lucky.

The snowy season is really valuable. We just have to have good timing.


Yonomori’s cherry blossoms along the north bank



As long as there are still little ones left here we will keep going here for feeding activities.


I talked about Mike-chan once before.



We tried again to let her free roam but she got in a huge fight with the other little ones in the room. At first when we were just waiting and seeing, it was just a little hissing. And then she started it(^_^;)

It’s difficult, because it really seems like she can’t be with other cats. The other little ones of this room have been together for a long time, so they’re all quite friendly toward each other.


They even protect each other. Their relationship is really good.

Mike-chan is also the eldest of the group, so if she could rule at the top it would probably be fine. But she’s not really that strong, and this room is comparatively small.


So we’re going to start from the beginning. I wonder where she should go? I have a feeling she has to be in a room where she can be alone though…


Kurenai-chan likes one of the little ones in the neighboring room


and she’s always looking at room 1-G like this.


I wonder who it is that she’s interested in!

Take-chan of 1-G also likes someone in 1-F and is always sneaking a peek.

They all have someone they love(*^_^*) It’d be great if Mike-chan could find one!


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