Translation: 2017-02-12 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Inari-kun’s Graduation♪

Last summer a blue collar lady came forward and rescued a thrown out kitten from a toilet in the Miharu Dam tunnel.

She gave it milk on her breaks at work, but it just wouldn’t drink… so we decided to step in and help her.

It was so very tiny and frail. It would fussily say no to the milk and the amount that it did drink would give it diarrhea and it was suffering from a terrible cold. All of this made for memories of tough days.

And yet somehow it grew up, even though it was once just this tiny peanut.


He became a lively little naughty one(*^_^*)


Yesterday he graduated(*^_^*)


There’s also a dog at the foster home but they’ve always raised rescue dogs and cats.

In consideration of the dog, they wanted a kitten that would not be high-strung and I thought Inari might be nice! As soon as I recommended him, the couple seemed very interested.

When we dropped him off, he seemed a bit nervous at first but in no time at all he was fully absorbed in playing and exploring the room. In the middle of all this, he was surprised by his reflection in the refrigerator and we got to see the funny scene of him fighting with his own reflection.

Very slowly, we will introduce him to the dog from within a cage. It’d be great if they could be friends!

The resident doggie is a very sweet little one, and up until recently he was living with a cat so I think things should be just fine.

Let’s hope the trial goes smoothly(●^o^●)


When we took Rika for his walk we went to Miharu Dam.


The location is a bit different, but I can’t believe that this is the same scenery from yesterday’s blog entry. I love being able to look forward to seeing a new face to the scenery every day(●^o^●)

But because Yōhei-kun’s stress is at max levels lately


*The punchline is coming

Yesterday, he made Isshan draw blood. Even though Isshan was just giving pat-pats…(;_;)

A few days after the proprietor went back to Nagoya, he was staying in a separate room and nobody came to the management office but because there was nobody with him, Yōhei-kun got lonely. This is the angriest he’s ever gotten with us.

Yesterday, when there was office work to be done, he would not stop attacking. He would stealthily sneak up and give my hand a big ol’ bite as I was using the computer And he was always aiming for my feet. I had to play a constant game of Red Light, Green Light with him.

There has never been a day where I have felt more that cats are geniuses at getting in the way(つД`)ノ


But I’ve noticed(〃▽〃)

Yōhei understands my words and when he attacks, if I purposely say, “Yōhei-kun, c’mere❤” that tends to work.

Stop it! Ouch! Bad boy! Stay Away! Those words just bring him closer (lol)

He has this scheming face. Yōhei is a good boy(●^o^●)He’s so cute(●^o^●)

C’mere, Yōhei❤ If you say that, he’ll happily come to you with a big meooooow. He’s a sucker for praise!

And then we could spend the night together for the first time in a while(=∀=) He seemed so satisfied today. He’s been relaxed and just having good time.

It’s still a long road until I become a specialist at understanding the feelings of animals but I want to become the type of person that can understand the feelings of hurt little ones. Animals are so pure, and have such beautiful hearts and no matter what cruel places they’re in, even if the animals don’t consider themselves unhappy, only humans can give happiness to animals that have been made unhappy by human hands.


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