Translation: 2017-02-13 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: A Slice of the Day That Made Me Unintentionally Smile

When you spend time with lots of kittens you encounter various scenarios and I’d like to share one of them.


There are doors in every room where the futons are put up and there’s a lock to keep kitty hands out. As long as people don’t forget to lock the door, they can’t open it.

In the morning, when we were collecting dishes, Torajirō…



was relaxing atop his favorite pillow.

This area that’s always closed up is very mysterious to cats. Furthermore, there are so many futons piled up. There are plenty of little ones that would enter if they could.

I wonder why he likes this pillow.

It’s not a big deal though; it wasn’t intentional, plus he’s cute, and it was actually pretty funny. When he found the door open, I imagine he wondered what was up and got into a fun mood(=^・^=) I was watching him for a bit but he wouldn’t budge.

Getting locked in would be dangerous so I made sure everyone was outside and shut the door.

To volunteers:

You know, sometimes the door is left open and cats get locked inside. When you open and close the door, make sure it’s properly locked, and that nobody is trapped inside. Let’s make sure the door is locked up, okay(*^_^*)


Pī-chan’s sleepy waking face.


We received this cat bed as a donation and it’s unexpectedly small but lately, Pī-chan is quite taken with it. Jiro-tan also likes it.


When I loudly called, “Pī-chan, Pī-chan!” she couldn’t help but open her eyes. Yawn. Fix her hair. If I give one too many pats she’ll chomp in no time. But I won’t back down(=^・^=)


Look at this perfect face! She doesn’t move around too much, and Pī-chan usually spends her day napping, but she’s strong-willed, and seems to be getting along with the other kiddies in the room.

I wonder if the day will come that we can send her to a foster home…

If you love slightly aloof little ladies, she’s right for you❤ You’ve got to be bit of an enthusiast, but Pī-chan will heal your heart.

Currently our stock of cat litter is running low!
If you could lend us your aid you would be truly saving us!


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