Translation: 2017-02-14 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: One More Soul Fighting to Survive in the Disaster Zone Has…

Yesterday morning, Kuronosuke passed away.


Kuronosuke was rescued in Tomioka Town’s Shin-Yonomori in the beginning of spring 2014. At the time of rescue we were thinking that he was born sometime around the disaster, but he actually seems to have a bit of wear from the years, so we think he’s around 10 years old.

Lately, his white hairs have multiplied remarkably. He’s fully become a grandpa.



When we rescued him, at first he pretended he wasn’t there, and didn’t want us to bother or approach him


and he would squeeze into places where you couldn’t see him unless you hunched down low. But because Isshan stays in the same room, and the staff that care for him dote over him, he’s changed into a roly-poly cutie.

In the AIDS room he is one that is mild-mannered and sweet. Because his mouth ulcers have gotten worse over the years he often has to go to the hospital but even at the vet he’s such a good boy who doesn’t make a single peep during treatment.


Last year we started putting him in the quarantine room for the little ones with AIDS that need lots of devotion to treatment. These are rooms where ones who need treatment for bad kidneys, painful mouth ulcers, skin diseases, etc. spend their days.

This is a room where the staff can tenderly care for them. Dicchi, Torakichi, and Hyuma spent their final days here. Kuronosuke was looked after and loved by staff and I think he was truly happy for the 3 years after his rescue.


Little ones born before the disaster have steadily been passing on since last year. This year it will be the 6th anniversary of the disaster. 6 years, to animals, is a time frame that can exceed their lifespan. To be frank, little ones that were kept outside and rescued don’t often live over 10 years. We don’t know how much time is left for the ones rescued from the disaster areas.


There are not many, but still a few people looking for their pets that got separated from them after the disaster. We don’t want the people that are searching to give up, and we would really like information for them if there are people that have rescued little ones, or those who are raising little ones in the disaster areas.

Currently, there is a greater ratio of people using SNS than at the time of the disaster. If you have information to provide, please let us know so that we could possibly let little ones meet their owners again before they pass away.


Kuronosuke’s funeral will be tomorrow, the 15th, at 11:00am.


Currently our stock of cat litter is running low!
If you could lend us your aid you would be truly saving us!


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