Translation: 2017-02-15 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Rika-kun Turned 9 Years Old! The Super-Rare Traditional Toy on Haruta Bridge

Yesterday was Rika-kun’s birthday!


Rika-kun turned 9 years old!

He’s not backing down to Filiariasis, and keeps on taking his medicine. He should be able to get a re-examination in the spring, and I really hope he’s better.

For some reason I put this video on YouTube.

Rika is happy about just anything and everything, when on walks and other times as well. He’s always always wagging his tail.

He was kept surrounded by concrete space barely 5m2/50ft2 for 8 years, never taken for a walk. I bet he thinks every sight he sees is wonderful! He especially loves little birds, finding them from even afar and chasing after them with a vigor that could knock someone down. That’s our daily routine(´д⊂) He doesn’t seem all that interested in crows but he absolutely loves itty bitty cute birdies.

I took Shuwa with me to shop for a birthday present for Rika♪ We went shopping at Daiyū 8 (a local home center) but for some reason they were closed! No waaay. They actually close?(´д⊂) Maybe they’re taking stock? It couldn’t be helped, so today I’ll get some kind of present(^_^;)


Since we made a point to go out, I took Shuwa for a walk.


We went to a large bridge along Miharu Dam Reservoir that I’ve come to like, called Haruta Bridge. It’s really wide near the reservoir but wherever you look, this one bridge is always in your view.

Haruta Bridge


You can also see it from the park I often go to with Rika.


I noticed the parking spot on this side and wanted to go check it out. You’ll find all sorts of new things when you take a walk, huh(^∇^) I pass through here all the time by car but I never noticed.

These lovely things were on the main posts on both sides of the bridge!



There are art installations of Miharugoma and Takizakura there! Personally, I found this to be super-rare, so I was really moved.

They also had this.


Three-tiered Miharugoma.

[Translator’s note: Miharugoma are traditional folk toys made in Fukushima Prefecture’s Kōriyama City.]

As I looked at each one


they are soooo cute!

*What are Miharugoma?

Naval Officer from Heian Period (794-1185), Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, was amidst a hard battle in the 793 Emishi Conquest. There is a legend of a wooden horse appearing out of nowhere and saving him. From this legend came a child’s toy called the “Child-rearing Wooden Horse” that is said to be the origin. It conveys that children that play with Miharugoma will grow healthy, and that people without children will be blessed with them after giving it three soybeans per day.


I’ve been a resident of Miharu Town for three years, and I want to know so much more about this town that I live in. Every time I write a blog entry like this I have to research various things. It’s so fun. It’s such a wonderful place, and I’d love for many people to ignore the damaging rumors and come here. I know this is a bit unrelated to animal rescues, but I really wanted to convey this in a blog post.


For the sake of Fukushima’s restoration, as we face this year’s blooming of Takizakura I’d like to drum up some support for Miharu Town(=^・^=)

To say there’s a resort area around Miharu Dam is a bit of a stretch, but(^_^;) There are plenty of fancy restaurants, a GAINAX museum, and a radium spring that is said to be effective against cancer. [Translator’s note: GAINAX is an animation studio.] There’s also a great ramen place(●^o^●)You could spend a whole day here.

Oh yeah! GAINAX is currently doing an exhibit for Minna no Uta. If you’re interested(*^_^*) I wanna go but there’s no time!

[Translator’s note: Minna no Uta is a television series.]

If you go on an outing for that, why not stop by the shelter and play with the cats, be done in by their charm, and become a foster parent… is what I’m hoping for.


Oh! I can’t forget about Kokoneko!

At Kokoneko, a new arrival, Naru-kun, came out of his cage for his debut! Naru-kun was rescued in Ōkuma Town, but is the clingiest little kitty. He loves sitting on laps. We were worried about how he’d do with other cats, but it seems like they’re maintaining a good environment.

It’s also in a great location where Takizakura is easily accessible.

And at Nyander Guard’s shelter on weekdays from 1:30pm-3:00pm you can come check things out here, so why don’t you come by at least once? We’d be thankful to those that could volunteer while they’re here as well(=^・^=)


Spring is coming soon! I wonder when Takizakura will be in full bloom this year? For those of you that have already seen it, and those of you that never have: definitely come on over to Miharu Town(*^_^*)


The situation at the shelter is is still very severe. Currently we have 130 cats in our care at Nyander Guard. Our first step is to get under 100 cats, so we are eagerly looking for foster homes. In order to continue at Animal Guard and Nyander Guard there is something the proprietor would like to convey to you all.

We beg for your understanding about our severe state of affairs and for your cooperation for the continuation of our shelters. Thank you very much m(__)m


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