Translation: 2017-02-16 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Kuronosuke, to the Skies

Yesterday, Kuronosuke safely departed up into the heavens.




I thought Kuronosuke had a big body but his bones were unexpectedly fragile. I don’t know if it was due to his illness.

I wonder if he made it safely to the other side.


Yesterday we made an altar for the little ones we’ve lost


and it can’t be helped that the numbers are increasing throughout the years. From the top of my head, it seems we’ve lost over 50.

We’ve had so many farewells, and so many kinds of farewells. We’ve had regrets, we’ve been pushed down by great pain, but on the other hand, we’ve been able to praise them for fighting so well. We’ve been so devastated by our worthlessness as we couldn’t do anything to ease their suffering. And we’ve come to see firsthand how wonderful it is to be alive. And we’ve been crushed by the responsibility of holding so many lives in our arms.

I couldn’t print the portraits of the little ones lost in the second half of last year but when volunteers are here they leave incense sticks in their honor. It always makes me so happy.

Volunteers can’t come running from afar for the funeral services so having an altar allows those who couldn’t say goodbye to pray for them. I think it helps people soothe their hearts(*^_^*)

Volunteers, if you have a favorite photo, I’d be so happy if you could print them and bring them♪


The situation at the shelter is is still very severe. Currently we have 130 cats in our care at Nyander Guard. Our first step is to get under 100 cats, so we are eagerly looking for foster homes. In order to continue at Animal Guard and Nyander Guard there is something the proprietor would like to convey to you all.

We beg for your understanding about our severe state of affairs and for your cooperation for the continuation of our shelters. Thank you very much m(__)m


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