Translation: 2017-02-17 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Pero-tan’s Return Home

Last July, at Kokoneko’s opening, Pero-tan was working as a well-loved “cat staff member” at Kokoneko.

Kokoneko, with great reluctance, has retired her and she has returned to Nyander Guard.

Pero-tan has scars from chronic diseases, and as long as you can get along with that, she’s perfect for a cafe, and makes people so happy. But, maybe because of pain caused by stress, she was having some intense mood swings and got into the habit of biting. It must have been pretty severe and Pero-tan even had some fans. It was a really difficult decision, but we decided to retire her.

On her graduation day, her fans came rushing in. I’m so thankful for that.

It’s been over 2 weeks since she graduated from Kokoneko and the other day we allowed her to roam free in the cat room. It was the room she used to be in, but there are 2 or 3 new faces in the mix, so we were very careful about her introduction and took 2 weeks.





Well, there are little ones she knows here, and she generally can get along with others, so she’s living a lazy life without any issue.

If you’d like to meet with Pero-tan, feel free to come stop by(*^_^*)

When she was at Kokoneko, to be honest, someone who claimed to be her previous owner apparently came by. I wonder if they saw something about Pero-tan on television and came running. But they weren’t raising her at the time of the disaster; it seems that they transferred her to someone in Ōkuma Town due to family circumstances. They tried to contact the new owner in Ōkuma Town, but apparently they didn’t get through.

Well, it seems Pero-tan has followed many roads of fate but we’re happy to know at least a little bit about her roots.

The other day, someone living in Kōriyama indicated interested in becoming a foster parent to Pero-tan. Currently, we’re doing a home visit and things are progressing. Maybe she will graduate soon. Pero-tan is perfect for someone that can keep one-on-one company with her. She gave so much happiness to staff, and Kokoneko’s owner, and Kokoneko’s patrons.

She might graduate soon so if you’d like to meet her, please come by soon(*^_^*)

The situation at the shelter is is still very severe. Currently we have 130 cats in our care at Nyander Guard. Our first step is to get under 100 cats, so we are eagerly looking for foster homes. In order to continue at Animal Guard and Nyander Guard there is something the proprietor would like to convey to you all.

We beg for your understanding about our severe state of affairs and for your cooperation for the continuation of our shelters. Thank you very much m(__)m


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