Translation: 2017-02-18 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: The Magic Room★

West of the living room, there are a few rooms in the area that used to be spaces for humans but they slowly eroded into… places full of animals(^_^;)

Among these rooms is one called the dog office where we put dogs that can’t get along with the other little ones.

At first, this room was made for a black cat named Tiz. At the same time, we placed a little one named Tsumu-chan who just couldn’t get along with anyone and another of the same personality named Kuronoa entered and then graduated. Also, Naru-kun, who fought with the little ones in his room entered and then graduated. Tiz found a lovely foster parent and graduated.

Comet was friendly while in his cage, but would be on high alert when out of the cage came in.



Currently, he’s moved from life in a cage to life in a big pen. He’s being trained to get used to humans because they can enter inside as well(*^_^*)

Also, Kanna-chan came here the other day. Kanna-chan is strong-willed and is always chasing someone around in her room so even though she likes humans, she’s a little too much for other cats. She knows how to work visitors but for some reason she’s at an age where she just can’t seem to graduate. This spring she’ll be 3 years old.

Tiz graduated and Naru-kun went off to Kokoneko so Tsumu-chan seems pretty lonely. They’re both calicos so they might not get along… is what we thought, but we decided to bring Kanna to this room. For about two weeks they were only able to see each other from their cages, and the other day we let them roam free.




Currently, she’s doing really well with Tsumu-chan.

Tsumu-chan has chronic nasal inflammation that hasn’t eased up since she was a baby. She’s such a total cutie, but we just can’t find foster parents for some reason. She gets along well with every little one in this room, so you wouldn’t think she’s the type to pick on other cats. But because of the above-mentioned details, she hasn’t been able to find a foster home, and has watched everyone leave when they graduate.


Once cats enter this room, they all start getting along with each other. Sometimes little ones not getting along is a vexing worry. But in the end, since everyone in this room started getting along we can’t help but wonder if there’s some kind of magic to this room? It’s such a lifesaver.


Our current source of worry is Mike-chan of room 1-F. I wonder if she should come to this room. I’m really worried( ノД`)


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