Translation: 2017-02-19 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding Activities in Katsurao Village


Our mission this time was to set up a feeding station at the area we call Cat Parlor 1.

Last year we started to installed standing feeders  and we left it to the volunteers to make them. Thank you so much for your cooperation, N-san, Yuu-kun, and Oota-san!


*The cat we met on this day was the brown tabby of Kazekoshi.

From last year, demolition of homes has begun at an incredible pace in Katsurao Village

Things are going to be demolished all over the place. They have been neglected for these 6 years following the disaster, and this mountain village where humans can’t live has damaged buildings that are collapsing from earthquakes and crumbling under snow.

There are a lot of residents that have determined to only demolish homes in a specific area. And plenty of the homes we have been using as feeding or TNR points as we come and go these 6 years are going to be demolished.

On the demolished sites, there are places with absolutely nothing left and there are feeding grounds where even the roofs are gone. In these places we made it in a shape that won’t allow wild animals to enter or wild boars to attack and made feeding stands where cats can fill their bellies a bit.




To be honest, at first we thought that at this level there wasn’t anything we could do about the wild boars. I buried scaffolding pipes, but from there, it was pretty difficult with my skill level. I couldn’t help but wonder if the wild boars would knock it over. At first it was trial and error… I tried it out on the point where wild boars attack the most frequently but it couldn’t completely completely be knocked over. I don’t know why it worked, but I think that it is okay this way!

We cut a hole in the box that is big enough for a cat’s head to enter and it’s set at a height that is climbable for a cat, and we set a base for the stand down in some places. In places where there are many crows, we take these measures.


Even when buildings disappear, we make sure to leave enough feed to last until the next time we arrive. Currently there are four feeders set up in Katsurao Village. Healthy cats have no problem climbing up the tall feeding stands but it might be difficult for weakened little ones. In those areas we want to put feed in lower places and put all our strength into rescuing them.


According to circumstances we’ll need to come up with several schemes. 50 minutes is enough for us to arrive in Katsurao Village  and lately we have too little manpower but for a few hours from noon we can do a round of feeding with relatively light footwork. We’d like to lessen the burden on volunteers doing the same activities and if anyone has any ideas, for the same of the cats in Katsurao Village we will prepare any plan.

Anything is fine, so please let us know if you have any ideas(*^_^*)


We met with Tora-kun.


Because his human father continues to give him liquid nutrition via syringe for kidney disease he is so extremely energetic. We could give him some of the aid we’ve received, so to speak.


Tora-kun protected his home all by his lonesome for 5 years after the disaster in Katsurao Village. Finally, finally, his human father and mother were able to return home last year to live with him again. They’re making up for lost time but it seems the remaining time Tora-kun has is waning. But there’s always a chance he could recover. Hang in there, Tora-kun! We’re all here to support you!

The other day I came across an article that said the rate of returnees to Katsurao Village is 9 percent. Of the residents we meet every time we go do feeding activities, only Tora-kun’s family is actually living there. It’s pretty sad but most of our acquaintances that lived in Katsurao Village have built homes in Miharu Town. They say that they probably will never return to their old homes.

From this spring, sanctions will also be lifted in Tomioka Town and Iitate Village. We don’t know what will happen from now on but the people that want to go home will do so. But it will certainly be difficult to maintain the town or village.

But the people that have gone back to their homes live happily, and that alone is a great thing.


When returning from feeding activities we stopped by Nametsu Hot Spring.


Like always! Such a HOT hot spring(°_°)


Currently our stock of cat litter is running low!
If you could lend us your aid you would be truly saving us!


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