Translation: 2017-02-20 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Taking a Walk at Kaiseizan Park.

We brought Shuwa with us when we ran errands in Kōriyama Town. We took a walk at Kaiseizan Park(●^o^●) *This link is from our visit last year. There’s such a huge park in the middle of the town, and there were so many waterfowl swimming around the lake.



He’s not as much as an enthusiast as Rika-kun, but Shuwa also reacts to birds. But at least Shuwa doesn’t knock me downヽ(´∀`)ノ That’s quite an image, isn’t it (lol) To say I’m just pulled by Rika isn’t correct.

When Rika sees birds, there’s a change in his eyes. It’s just like the movie “Beethoven” where the Saint Bernard’s eyes bounce all around and then ZOOOOOM! He takes off! If it’s a large bird I’m able to notice it and prepare for it but it seems Rika has great vision. He can see tiny birds from afar, and as long as they’re in vision, he goes nuts. I have to prepare both legs, putting all my weight down. But still we go flyingヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3

If you compare him to all that, walking with Shuwa is a breeze(=∀=) So peaceful. I could hold him with just one finger (lol)

Ah well, I’m a big dog lover, so even when they knock me off my feet I still think they’re cute(〃▽〃)



It seems Shuwa-kun’s previous owner used to take him on outings in the car so he loves cars❤ He’s a good little one at places with lots of people and other doggies so I want to take him to Snow Dog Run too♪

Fukushima’s Bandai Snow Dog Run is in Inawashiro but I wanna go♪ There’s probably nothing more fun than seeing doggies running around in the snow(*^_^*)


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