Translation: 2017-02-21 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Tackey’s Charm

We have one old-timer at Nyander Guard, Tackey. He’s really quite old but still so energetic, and is the big boss man of the AIDS room(=∀=)


We rescued Tackey in Tomioka Town when it was still considered a hazard zone in spring of 2013. Not too long ago when we went in for feeding we passed by the rescue area and saw that it was demolished. This spring, the evacuation notice will be canceled. So much time has passed. It’s been 4 years that we’ve cared for him.

We rescued Tsubasa at the same time, but he was a non-carrier and Tackey was a carrier, so we had to separate them in the shelter. But in Tackey’s own way and in Tsubasa’s own way, they led good lives.


There was that one time he had a rivalry with Minku but even now, Tackey is ruling as boss and keeping the peace. Everyone can rely on him.

Currently, anyone can go freely between rooms 2-B and 2-C and when humans enter everyone comes rushing over. It’s become such a happy space.

But no matter how much I called Tackey’s name, he wouldn’t come… I went to look for him and… he was under the kotatsu snuggling up with Sue-chan!

[Translator’s note: a kotatsu is a low table that is covered with a quilt or blanket that reaches the floor with a heater inside.]



He wouldn’t come out when Isshan called. Won’t come out… And he finally came out like, geez, okay okay (lol)




According to Isshan, he doesn’t like being held on peoples’ laps but


he likes sitting like this(*^_^*)


Hehehe, what a good boy he is.

Tackey is a boy with such charm(*ノ∪`*)


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