Translation: 2017-02-23 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Yesterday was Nyan-Nyan-Nyan Day

Did you all have fun on Cat Dayヽ(´∀`)ノ

[Translator’s note: the pronunciation for the number 2 (ni) sounds a slight bit like meow (nyan) making February 22, or 2-22, Nyan-Nyan-Nyan Day.]

Well, it’s just a normal day here at the shelter, right(●^o^●)


Today, I want to introduce some of the cat-covered rooms of Nyander Guard. I don’t know why, but the AIDS carrier kitties have just so much strong personalities! Currently, the Nyander Guard AIDS carrier room is just about the happiest room we have(*’U`*)

When humans enter this room all the cats come running.


The kitties with AIDS have two rooms they can freely go between, and there is also a midair crawlspace above the corridor.

The little ones here really love people! Here they come!


Warabi-kun says, yesss, I got the lap!


This loitering black cat is Kuma-san.


This black and white cat that just flops over and sprawls out is Minmi-chan.


The brown and white Charo-kun is always by someone’s side.


Aoi-chan, the ginger tabby, also comes to your side. And here come Yohio-kun, Minku, and Kyuu-chan♪


If you want to be covered in kitties, definitely come to Nyander Guard shelter’s AIDS room(*^_^*) *But being noisy or chasing is not allowed, because it can cause them stress.

There are people that don’t quite understand feline AIDS, and lately when guests visit we offer an explanation and introduce this room. Everybody loses track of time playing with them. You can spend such a joyous time here.

All these little ones just want love from people and they’re just so darn cute, huh。゚(゚^∀^゚)σ。゚


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