Translation: 2017-02-25 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Minku-kun is Healthy

Since Minku-kun has such a big face… Isshan just can’t remember the name Minku|ω・`) For a long while he just called him Daifuku-chan.


Such a cute, big, brown and white face!


If you call out his name, he’ll always come running.




This little one is actually only here temporarily.

At the time, a 16 year old girl couldn’t bear being neglected by her parents and ran away from home to join a facility. She didn’t want her dear Minku to be left at that house and came to us for a consultation. This child was so desperately wanting to save Minku, who was thrown out from his home and would die without her protection.

She’s so young, and even though she was suffering the most, she didn’t just think of herself. She also thought of her pet. I thought she was very amazing, and I wanted to give her strength.

Those are the particulars of Minku coming to this shelter.


But… ever since she left Minku here… she hasn’t come once to see him(T_T) I think she said she even wanted to volunteer.

I know that she’s just fighting hard to survive, and she told us she was going to get a job instead of going to high school. She took such an amazing action for her pet. As the ones who took responsibility of her pet, we’re a little worried if she’s doing well, considering her situation and her upbringing(´・_・`)

Well, I want to believe she’s healthy and doing well.


Minku is healthy as well. So don’t you worry, okay?(〃ノωノ) That’s what I want to convey in this entry.

Will this message make it to you?


Minku loves people and pat-pats. And even though we were told that he was an indoor cat we can’t figure out why he was so rail thin, why he had ear mites, and why he was an AIDS carrier.

Well, he’s living healthily.

When you have time, come see him, okay?


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