Translation: 2017-02-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Minmi-chan Has Gotten Huge


Today we’re holding an adoption event!


Please stop by(*^_^*)



Minmi-chan was rescued by the cat cafe Ai Cat. She is an AIDS carrier and she came to our shelter after a consultation with the store owner, who said they would have trouble keeping her at their home shelter.

Look how cute she was when she was little(〃▽〃)



Out of nowhere she was all grown up (lol)





She’s a bit of a piggy and a tomboy, but this cute little one is all grown up now(´∀`*;)ゞ


She can be a rascal, so we were worried that she might bother adult cats but everyone seems to have accepted Minmi and treat her nicely.

We weren’t sure if Minmi would get along with the others but I’m glad to say she spends her days with everyone in a friendly manner. She’s an AIDS carrier, but she’s young and she lives healthily with no real issues. We recommend this little one to people that are raising another AIDS carrier(●^o^●)

She has extraordinary charm, and she loves people so much that when you approach her she sprawls out on her side. She’s always wanting to play, so life with Minmi means every day will be a happy one(ノ)’∀`(ヾ) We would love for anyone that understands the needs of AIDS carriers to become a foster parent(*^_^*)


That spot… (^_^;)

A volunteer made it but when Minmi gets on it I get the feeling it’s gonna fall. But you know, I only ever really see Minmi on it…


If you come visit, Minmi will come running full speed to play with you(〃▽〃)


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