Translation: 2017-02-27 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Graduation, May You All Find Happiness

Yesterday we held an adoption event! This month, because it’s February, we weren’t really expecting much(^_^;) But a surprising amount of people came! Some people even requested to become foster parents, so from now on we’ll be quite busy!

I’m prone to being absent at the shelter and we are low on volunteers, so we would be thankful if you would consider becoming one!


The day before yesterday, we delivered 3 cats to their foster parents.


Bancha, Ryoku, and Tan-chan.

Thanks to Yuu-kun, who always transports animals comfortably for us(*´∀`人 ♪ And the wonderful fates of these little ones is all thanks to the hard work of volunteers! I will never forget the great favors you have bestowed upon us( ノД`)

Bancha and the others were introduced once before as Chai-chan‘s children. They were such cute little ones, but we couldn’t find foster parents. But gradually they are graduating, and Popo-chan is the only one left.


The brown tabby in the front is Popo-chan, and to the right is Tan-chan. A foster parent that already took in one of our little ones said they want one more, and soon Popo-chan will graduate to them!

Because of the letters we sent to foster parents, more and more graduations continue.


Yesterday, Nyander Guard’s old-timer Chamu graduated!




Chamu also went to a foster home that has another one of our little ones…

Which little one, you ask? Hmm, which one(*^_^*)

We’ll let you know tomorrow(●^o^●)


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