Translation: 2017-02-28 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: To Chamu-chan’s Old Friend’s House

Chamu’s foster home is the same one as her old friend Koron.


Koron was a little one that came to Nyander Guard after being rescued in Iitate. When Koron’s foster parent chose her, they were interested in Chamu-chan too. Because the previous cat they owned passed away peacefully and they were going to move to a much bigger house after spring they decided to take in another cat. They remembered Chamu and came to see her at the shelter.


Chamu has had two occasions where her health has failed and there was even a time where we thought that she might die. We thought she would never be taken in by a foster family, and that she would spend her whole life at the shelter. And up until this point the details of her illness is unclear, and there’s a possibility that something may suddenly happen. They were understanding of all this, and because they were already Koron’s foster parents. The staff really pushed for this to happen.

Volunteers recorded this video of Koron and Chamu.


They’re not really buddies, and Chamu really dislikes cats but they can at least play with a toy together.

When we delivered Chamu, this cat that would hiss at any little one didn’t make a sound when she met Koron for the first time in over 3 years. I was a little happy(*σ´Д`*) Yep. They could become friends.

Chamu! Live a carefree life with Koron, okay?(っ*^ ∇^*c)

The days spent with Chamu made wonderful memories(*’U`*)

Suddenly, I got the feeling that our ever-alert Chamu was still nearby…

Parting is such sweet sorrow. But I’m glad(〃▽〃)


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