Translation: 2017-03-01 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: To Nekomiya: Inari-kun’s Friends

Inari graduated and was officially transferred after two weeks(*^_^*)

On Inari-kun‘s transfer day, despite being a little one that never ever gets perturbed, he was unexpectedly on guard. He leapt up into the air when seeing his own reflection in the refrigerator and was such a big scaredy-cat that I thought, geez, are you okay?

He was like that only in the beginning. From that day he’s been living brazenly, giving kitty slaps to the original resident pet, Chako-chan.


Chako-chan is actually a doggie.



This cutie has short legs and sprawls out like this. Those little tootsies are too cute(*’U`*)

Usually things wrap up by sending an email to foster parents asking about how things went and we don’t get to go and see for ourselves. But by chance we were invited over, and I was so curious about that doggie, so we went to see the two of them on the last day of the trial run\(^o^)/


In situations where potential foster owners already have a dog, we tend to not transfer grown cats unless we know that they will get along well with the dog. For young cats, we chose to introduce ones that are lively, cheerful, and mentally tough. We make a final decision after a trial run but generally, we haven’t really had situations where the little ones we chose don’t work out so I guess our decisions tend to be correct(^∇^)


In this case, Chako had lived with another cat before, so she didn’t have any aggression towards cats so we weren’t really worried.


But Inari is super energetic so sometimes Chako made a bothered face (lol) They get along great though, and barely ever fight.

It’s also wonderful that Inari loves Chako-chan(●^o^●)

Chako-chan is also really gentle and never really gets angry and she loves guests. She was so cute as she kept badgering me to pet her.

Inari’s foster parents are sometimes at a loss when Inari acts naughty(^_^;)  Their way of training him is to burst out laughing, thinking everything he does is cute!

I bet the two of them will bring lots of happiness to their married foster parents☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆



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