Translation: 2017-03-03 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: The Vagabond Torajirou Found Happiness

The vagabond Torajirō, who I introduced before, has found happiness♪



Torajirō was rescued in Tamura City at Tokiwa Town’s Kamida Hot Spring. And crazily enough! Is still connected to hot springs.

There is a hot spring village called Yunogami in Minamiaizu’s Shimogou Town. He became the pet of the bed and breakfast Inariya(●^o^●)


The man who requested him just absolutely loves cats. It is so cute when his manly face shows that he is gaga for a cat(〃▽〃)


It seems that our clingy Torajirō was playing hide and seek for a while after arriving but by night he was already getting used to things. It seems he especially loves the son and is always snuggled up to him.


Torajirō may be able to go to a bed and breakfast one day and he can be doted on by all the customers.

A cat at a hot spring… how perfect(〃ノωノ)


The Inariya bed and breakfast has a wonderful atmosphere so to those of you that visit Ōchi-juku, definitely stay at Inariya(*^_^*)


Graduation ceremony♪


The happiness continues on! There are so many things to be happy about((∩^Д^∩)) So let’s fight on to keep it going!


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