Translation: 2017-03-04 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: While We Were Delivering!

The other day, while we were delivering Tora-kun to Minamiaizu’s Shimogō Town…


We also brought Shuwa and walked along the shoreline of Lake Inawashiro♪

In consideration of the shortage of manpower at the shelter, we wanted to lessen the burden even just a little bit. We just thought this was a chance to do so by walking Shuwa(*^_^*)


Shuwa-kun loves cars so he’s really suited for outings. He’s still so energetic even though he’s elderly! From now on I’d like to take him to plenty of places(●^o^●)


On this day we also took Isshan along on their day off♪


In Fukushima Prefecture, in the direction of Nīgata from Iwaki there’s a national road called route 49 that we decided to use instead of the highway.

From Bandai-Atami to the mountains of Inawashiro we thought there would be tons of slopes and curves… But it was surprisingly easy to pass through! Now that we know, we’ll use this road from now on.

It was my first time to go to the shores of Inawashiro Lake! I saw for my eyes just how big Inawashiro Lake is.



Usually on the way to Aizu, Bandai Mountain plays hide and seek with us but the skies were clear and the weather was perfect! It was gorgeous!


It takes about an hour and a half to get to Shimogou. We got there pretty quick this time.

We were making our delivery in a place that gets a huge amount of snowfall but luckily there wasn’t any snow and we could pass through safely(*^_^*)


On the way back we stopped by Tsuruga Castle!



I’ve always wanted to go to Tsuruga Castle after seeing it on NHK’s long-running historical drama “Yae no Sakura”

[Translator’s note: NHK is Japan’s national broadcasting channel.]

Incidentally, a couple years ago a foster parent went there and even got to explore inside. Compared to other castles, the display inside is fantastic and I recommend everyone to go there.


The restoration of the castle is also wonderful, compared to others. It’s a sight-seeing area that we’d like overseas visitors to come to as well(*^_^*)




Shuwa was absolutely satisfied with the course we walked♪

It was my first time seeing Tsuruga Castle in the snow, and I’m glad I could come with Isshan♪

Honestly, spending your day off this way, going around doing foster parent related work really doesn’t feel like a day off but I felt refreshed from feeling like we had a little outing. I can work hard again!


The severe situation of the shelter still hasn’t changed and

I truly feel sorry always asking you all for help but

right now I can place my feet firmly in the ground and fight on, so please give us your support! Thank you!


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