Translation: 2017-03-25 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Aya-chan

Introductions of the animals looking for foster homes are summarized here. Please, introduce this to your friends and family, and if you could put flyers in stores around your neighborhood we would be very grateful!

We request that you share and spread this as well!

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I think I wrote about this a long time ago about Aya-chan.

She is such a beautiful color, so she seems like the type anyone would choose after just seeing her.

Since Aya-chan is always off hiding.


When new people come she just won’t come out(^_^;) But compared to the time where she was always hiding, she’s progressed. She’s finally started coming out when volunteers that come often are in the room. If it’s someone she’s really familiar with, she’ll even beg for pets while rubbing all over them.

She’s really shy but so cute.



Finally, we found a foster home for her!!! So she’ll be graduating soon(●^o^●)

They’re also going to take another little one from the same room as her. We are thinking of recommending Tomikichi-kun, who was returned to us once before.

The little ones in this room are a little up there in the years, but they’re so cute and are so used to humans. Koa-chan loves humans by far the very most(=^・^=)



She also came from Ōkuma Town, and was wandering for nearly three years after the disaster. She has painful bronchial tubes and occasionally she seems to have discomfort. But other than that, she has no other issues. Her kidneys used to be in poorer condition but now she’s recovered from that as well.

She loves sitting on laps and snuggling up close❤ We recommend her to someone that wants a laid-back life with a cat. Where is the person that can take in Koa-chan’s love?

We are waiting for your applications, foster parents!


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