Translation: 2017-03-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Shinkai-san’s Proof of Life

Introductions of the animals looking for foster homes are summarized here. Please, introduce this to your friends and family, and if you could put flyers in stores around your neighborhood we would be very grateful!

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Shinkai-san was a feral cat that roamed around the home of I-san, who took care of Aka, Happy, and John. They were one of the many cats I-san performed TNR on in Miyakojima.

A little while ago their face began to swell and they became weak, and it seemed like the end was near… We wanted to take them to a hospital but they weren’t used to us, so we weren’t sure what we could do. We decided to bring them into the shelter until they recovered.

After taking them to the hospital, we found that the cause of the swelling was due to the terrible mucus built up from a cold. The cold got worse and either pus built up, or bacteria entered a wound from a fight, or perhaps there was a tumor. In order to aid the symptoms, antibiotics were administered and we waited to see if the swelling would reduce.

Before the rescue we heard that they wouldn’t eat at all, and only drank milk. So we gave them milk but a short while after taking them in they completely stopped drinking it. They had a stuffed nose and the facial swelling wasn’t healing so we switched to more coercive feeding methods. They finally ate, and we cared for them as we changed their treatment.

When we re-prescribed a different antibiotic the pus was relieved a bit and some of the swelling went down. At first the antibiotics didn’t work so we were thinking to cut and remove the pus but we figured it was okay. The staff, despite having very little time to spare, really cared for them throughout the cold treatment, the eye treatment, and the coerced feeding.

A few mornings ago when they went to see Shinkai, unfortunately, he had passed away.

We thought the fight was just starting.

The day before they were rubbing their head all over us and purring. It was the sweetest they had ever been. I’m sure they were trying to say thank you to the ones that cared for them. We all saw Shinkai’s proof of life. The life of a stray cat is truly difficult, but in the end he could come to think that humans aren’t so bad.

Yesterday, at Shinkai’s cremation…


Shinkai-san, we’re so grateful that we could watch over you. I hope you’re up in the sky, running about with all the other little ones☆


This morning, Yohira-chan passed away.

She appeared out of nowhere on the shelter grounds one day, so used to humans that a volunteer picked her up with bare hands. It didn’t make sense that such a trusting cat we’ve never seen before would suddenly show up. She was certainly abandoned so first of all added her to the shelter as another member of staff.

Her kidneys were bad for a little under a year and we thought of undergoing treatment before she passed away. We were so close to getting medication that was good for kidney disease. If only it had gone on the market a little sooner. I keep feeling those kinds of regrets that couldn’t be helped. But I think Yohira found her days at the shelter to be heartwarming and full of love from the staff.

We will announce when her funeral date has been decided.


I apologize for all these sad announcements, but let’s pull ourselves together!


Today is an adoption event!


Dogs and cats are both participating!

Definitely definitely stop byヾ(o´∀`o)ノ


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