Translation: 2017-03-27 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: The Best Time to See Takizakura

Introductions of the animals looking for foster homes are summarized here. Please, introduce this to your friends and family, and if you could put flyers in stores around your neighborhood we would be very grateful!

We request that you share and spread this as well!


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Regarding the time that Takizakura will begin to bloom…we still don’t know(^_^;) This is last year’s prediction.

Once we entered February this year the warm days have continued, and aside from the super duper hot days it’s been a fairly warm winter. I saw on a TV program that there’s a “600 degree rule” that claims if the combined high temperatures pass 600 degrees after February, cherry blossoms will be opening. It depends on the type of trees, but if there are many warm days like we’ve been having this year, the blossom prediction should be sooner.

I remember the year of the disaster and the following year having blossoms open quite late. And actually, the blossoms started opening around April 20th those two years.

Every year, we hope that we can host an adoption event around the time when Takizakura’s blooming, which is when visitors come to Miharu Town the most and the town is energized. But it seems likely that it will happen one week sooner.

There’s a live camera here, so for those of you that would like to check before coming, you can easily do so(*^_^*) Here is the route map near Takizakura. According to the predictions on this website, the blossoms should open around April 12 and be at full bloom around the 18th. If you are able to visit, please stop by the shelter as well(*^_^*)

The route Rika-kun and I walk on allows us to see Takizakura from above.




A squirrel?


Looking down on Takizakura.


I want to go all the way to Takizakura, but I don’t have confidence that I could go on the slopes with Rika(^_^;) I think I’d die if I fell down these steep steps (lol)



This is the viewpoint of the mountains from around Shirakawa to Nihonmatsu.


Not even plum trees are blossoming so of course the cherry trees still have a way to go.
They don’t even look close. The Yoshino cherry tree buds are still hard but they’re starting to swell a bit.

I’m always excited for our typical walking route to be dyed pink(●^o^●)


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